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DISCOVER the Crown Commitment Commodity Exchange Tower | 360 Main Street

Property Address: 360 Main, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3Z3 Management OfďŹ ce: Phone: 204.949.7140

Fax: 204.942.2213 Mon-Fri: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Emergency Service Phone: 204.949.7165 (24 hours)

Storeys: 31 Average Floor Plate: 19,155 - 20,001 sq. ft. Year Constructed: 1979 Year Renovated: 2008 Building GLA: 542,864 sq. ft.


On-Site Security: 7 days, 24 hours Phone: 204.949.7165 Parking: 1,000 heated underground parking stalls. Monthly and hourly parking available.

Storage: 21,936 sq. ft. (subject to availability) Cleaning: Mon-Fri: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm (day porters) Mon-Fri: 5:00 pm - 12:00 pm (night cleaning)

HVAC: 24 hours Fiber Optic: MTS Allstream, GT Group, Shaw Cable Systems Internet Providers: MTS Allstream, GT Group, Shaw Cable Systems Cable Provider: MTS Allstream, GT Group, Shaw Cable Systems Sprinklers: Yes Heating: Hot Water Perimeter Radiation Cooling: Variable air volume compartment units by oor

Amenities: Shipping Facilities Tenants Conference Facilities on lower level Law Court Van Service available to Law Firms Direct access to retail concourse with 50 shops, restaurants and services

Winnipeg Square is a mixed use complex comprised of 360 MAIN and The Shops of Winnipeg Square. Winnipeg Square encompasses much of the city block bounded Winnipeg Square is a phased development which presently by Portage and Graham Avenues and Main and Fort Streets.

features a 31 storey office tower and 65,000 square feet of retail

The corner of Portage & Main is the historical centre of Winnipeg

shops and services. Completed in 1980, the office tower features

and today is the transitional hub for the City’s underground

unique and efficient twelve-sided floor plates with a centre core

concourse and skywalk systems. These systems allow the public

design. Typical floor plate size ranges from 19,000 square feet

climate controlled pedestrian movement throughout a large

to 20,000 square feet. The total office component comprises

portion of the city core area. Excellent vehicular access to

535,000 square feet and is supplemented with an additional

the complex is provided by arteries from all areas of the City.

21,000 square feet of storage space within the building. The

Public transportation provides extensive service to three sides

exterior facade is finished in attractive aluminum spandrels and

of the block on which Winnipeg Square is situated.

continuous double glazed windows harmonize natural light with energy efficiency. Parking is conveniently located in the City of Winnipeg’s on-site, three level, 1,000 car heated parkade; handicapped parking is available on the first level.

PROFILE OWNTOWN LOCATION 360 MAIN is located at Portage & Main, the focal point of Winnipeg’s business community. The address is identifiable nation-wide as the “windy” corner. The area is home to many national and local firms as well as Federal Government buildings. Immediately adjacent to Portage & Main are offices of all five major Canadian banks. Winnipeg’s prime destination for overnight, out-of-town business visitors, The Fairmont Winnipeg hotel, is also located at Portage & Main.

OUR TENANTS The complex is one of the City’s premier business addresses and accordingly houses the most prominent ďŹ rms in Winnipeg.




Atlantis Atlant ntis is F Financial Group Inc.

Bari-Canada Inc.

AGF Management Ltd.

BMO Nesbitt Burn Burns rnss Inc.

Brian Flaherty Grain Brokers

Artis REIT

Jory Capital

Canadian Oilseed Processors Association

Canadian National Railway

Muir F Fin Financial inan a cial

Gallie Grain Ltd.

Canada Revenue Agency

National Bank Fi Fina Financial nanc ncial

ICE Futures Canada Inc.


National Bank of Canada

London Agricultural Commodities


Su n Li Life fe Financial Sun

MF Global

Crown Property Management

Union Secu riti ities es Securities

Mission Terminals

Export Development Corp.

United Financial Corp.

Palmer Grain Ltd.

Kafco Group

Union Securities

KWA Partners

Western Grain Elevator Association

Lasik MD

Winnipeg Commodity Exchange

Marwest Management

ACCOUNTING ACCO OUN UNTI T NG Ernst & Young LLP Deloitte & Touche LLP

LEGAL FIRMS Aikins, MacAulay & Thorvaldson LLP Pitblabo LLP Fillmore & Riley LLP Hill Dewar Vincent

Maxim Group Inc. Nortel Networks NRG Research Group Inc. People First HR Services Resolute Technology Solutions Inc. SNC-Lavalin ProFac Sweatman Insurance & Retirement Services Tribal Council Investment Group



CONFERENCE CENTRE We have a conference centre exclusively for the use of our

RETAIL Located at the heart of Winnipeg’s downtown core, the Winnipeg Square development features convenient access to key retail amenities both within Winnipeg Square and in nearby buildings. Within the Shops of Winnipeg Square, Crown Property Management strives to provide a range of facilities that cater to all needs of office tenants with special emphasis on food and services.

tenants and have included high quality HVAC and mechanical systems as part of the overall concept for this unique facility. Our conference centre seats up to 85 people for meetings and can accommodate up to 150 for social events. Full catering services are available.


PROXIMITY Complementing on-site shops and restaurants, people-places

Crown Property Management takes great pride in ownership

such as the MTS Centre, City Hall, Manitoba Museum, Centennial

and management of income producing properties with a strong

Concert Hall, Manitoba Theatre Centre, the Convention Centre,

emphasis on property management. Our efforts ensure that

Planetarium, the YMCA, University of Winnipeg, the Chamber

Crown’s tenants are provided with the highest level of service

of Commerce, historic Old Market Square, and The Forks

available. Winnipeg Square has repeatedly won awards when

Market are all within walking distance. Office staff find Winnipeg

judged against their contemporaries and most recently,

Square’s central location a real benefit for their own activities

the Manitoba Building Owners and Managers Association

and civic functions.

(BOMA) Pinnacle Award for Customer Service.

360 3 36 0 MAIN MAIN was wa as

certifi c ed by BOMA in April 2008.

BUILT TO THE HIGHEST STANDARDS The building is a double-stairwell, fully sprinklered ofďŹ ce tower which has life safety systems that meet or exceed code requirements to provide all occupants with protection before, during, and after an emergency. The tower is a 31 storey development and is a concrete slab on column design. The building’s window system is comprised of a sealed double glazed vision light windows of 3 mm/pane. One pane per unit is bronzed. Dimensions are 55 inches x 58 inches or 82 inches x 58 inches dependent upon the elevation. Floor loading for 360 MAIN is 50 pounds per square foot total dead load and 156 pounds per square foot live load. No post tensioning systems were used in the construction of this development thus making drilling and coring for tenant renovations simple and cost effective.

Crown knows that protecting and nourishing the environment is everyone’s business and responsibility. We will conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner that leaves the smallest footprint on the Earth we all share. Crown is committed to minimizing the impact of our operations onthe environment by means of a program of continuous improvement, with particularemphasis on the following: Reducing consumption of resources and materials in our buildings. Ensuring a safe and clean work environment for all building occupants. Including environmental considerations into all decision-making. Encouraging environmental responsibility amongst our stakeholders, including tenants, contractors, suppliers, and staff Promoting recycling and the use of recycled materials.

LIFE SAFETY SYSTEMS The quality of the life safety systems in 360 MAIN provide a level of protection that one would expect from the best building in Winnipeg. The features include:

If triggered, the sprinkler system is initially fed via an electric fire pump. Should this fail, a backup diesel powered pump kicks in. Should the diesel powered pump fail, a tank fed system with three, ten thousand gallon tanks will operate the sprinkler system. In the unlikely event that the tanks fail, there is a Siamese connection

a Central Fire Protection System, monitored by trained

which will operate the sprinkler system through the use of the

Security Officers twenty-four hours a day, which includes

City of Winnipeg Fire Department pumper trucks.

the capability of bringing all elevators to ground level; a complete sprinkler system and smoke detectors on each floor; a comprehensive Fire Warden System; an emergency power diesel generator, which is tested regularly in strict accordance with federal and local codes; and automatic smoke removal, triggered by an initiating device on the “problem” floor. In an office fire situation, the single most important factor is a fail proof sprinkler system. In this area, 360 MAIN has features which back up the central system four different times.

HEATING, VENTILATING AND AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS (HVAC) 360 MAIN has a variable air volume cooling system which serves the main office tower; heat is provided by perimeter wall convectors. Both of these systems are extremely reliable and affords tenants with ample temperature control flexibility creating the most comfortable work environment possible. We recently upgraded the Building Automation System. The latest software version of the Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) was selected. This update provides the building operators with feedback from the tenant spaces so that changes can be anticipated and adjustments made automatically to maintain a consistent work environment for all

building occupants. The new system is also capable of trending a multiple number of points in order to provide the building operators with detailed historical data indicating which systems may be in need of calibration or fine tuning. Systems currently run 24 hours/day, 7 days per week. Every category related to air quality in 360 MAIN exceeds the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) requirements. The HVAC systems are operating better today than the day the building opened.

ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING 360 MAIN offers a typical level of 5.4 watts per square foot of useable area. An overhead electrical grid system allows for maximum flexibility in outlet placement. The base building lighting system in the Tower consists of fluorescent light fixtures with non-PCB high efficiency ballasts mounted in an acoustic tile ceiling system. Computer cabling can be readily accommodated in the overhead grid system.

ELEVATORS Fast and efficient elevator service is provided to the office tower with five low rise and five high rise Otis elevators. One elevator in each bank acts as a service/shuttle elevator and access the concourse level for the handicapped and additionally provide ready loading dock accessibility. In 1991 we upgraded to provide high profile elevator cab finishes and to incorporate “state of the art” elevator features such as Lambda door openers. The result was improved timing and increased comfort. Our most recent survey indicates elevator response time for floors 16 to ground level is 16.7 seconds. The average response time for floors 17 to 30 is 17.4. Capacity is generous at 22 passengers to a maximum of 3,500 pounds. Additionally, three shuttle elevators in the complex serve the parkade and retail concourse.

BUILDING SECURITY Professional security staff are on site (two guards minimum), 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Training in emergency procedures as well as first aid and CPR are ongoing in order to provide the highest level of safety and security. Digital closed circuit television

is incorporated in the surveillance of the complex. In addition, security staff can provide a security escort service to the building’s parking facilities after normal business hours if requested. We recently installed the Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) card access platform that allows tenants to hook-up to the building’s main backbone and use the system without having to worry about system administration. Access cards are required for off hour use of the elevators and tenants may customize their own floor access to their liking.

MAINTENANCE A highly motivated, maintenance staff will respond to any HVAC requirements. All staff currently have a minimum of 5 years office building maintenance experience. We provide on call staff 24 hours/day 7 days a week. Preventative maintenance and servicing of the mechanical and electrical systems are of paramount concern. The result is maximized operating efficiency. The maintenance staff can provide assistance during new tenants move-in. Staff members are made available to address operating concerns prior to occupancy, such as temperature settings and the like.

Levels 7-16

Levels 16-30

NRG Research Group conducted both a traffic count and a customer intercept survey in Winnipeg Square during the week of November 19 – 24, 2007. The following is a summary of the findings of these studies:

A total of 100,185 people entered Winnipeg Square between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:30p.m., Monday to Friday. An additional 2,520 people entered the mall on Saturday for a weekly traffic count of 102,705. This is and increase of 10.3% for the week as compared to the last survey conducted in 2002. Traffic throughout the weekdays was fairly consistent, ranging from a low of 17,810 on Monday to a high of 21,285 on Tuesday. Forty-nine percent of respondents were male, 51% female. All were adults, with 72% being between the ages of 25 – 54. Professional and managerial positions were the most common held by respondents interviewed (39%). Twenty-five percent of respondents worked in clerical or stenographic occupations. Ninety percent of respondents completed high school and pursued some post-secondary education with half of those surveyed university or college graduates. Twenty-five percent of customers had incomes over $75,000; 19% from $50,000 to $74,999: 13 % from $35,000 to $49,999; 16% from $20,000 to $34,999. Seventy-nine percent of respondents work in the downtown area, of these respondents 98% are within walking distance of Winnipeg Square. Overall, 82% of respondents said they were shopping or doing business in the mall on the day of the interview. Ninety percent of respondents had shopped at least once before at Winnipeg Square. Approximately 96% of all respondents claimed to have eaten at Winnipeg Square on at least one occasion. Of the people who shop at Winnipeg Square, 48% do so once a week or more; 20% every two to three weeks; and 15% once a month.

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9:00AM TO

5:30PM Some stores offer Saturday shopping. Individual store hours may vary.

360 Main Street Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3Z3 204.949.7150

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Crown property Management

Crown property Management  

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