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The research is measured in years. Our breakthrough in millimeters. -15 -10 -5

0 +5 +10 +15


The result is twenty-one inches of pure pleasure. The Adamson T-21 TM subwoofer line array harnesses the incredible potential found in our advanced new SD21 loudspeakers. Symmetrical Drive Technology TM delivers rock-solid coil stability even under the enormous +/- 15mm linear Xmax excursion. Astonishing acoustic power results when 6000 watts RMS is applied to a pair of 6" diameter, dual-coil, neodymium motors. And only Adamson’s proven multi-layer Kevlar TM technology, combined with our new Advanced Cone Architecture TM could dream of handling that kind of force. They say absolute power comes from the barrel of a gun. They haven’t heard the T-21. Visit or call 905-982-0520.

*The T-21 is shipped complete with an AIR rigging system that’s lightning fast and fully self contained.


21 Inches of Pure Pleasure  

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