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The DFID-funded Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Education Sector Programme supports similar work. KP’s Elementary Education Foundation has established over 1,000 girls community schools to provide quality education to 48,767 out of school children (of which 69% are girls) from families who are not willing or able to send their daughters to an unfamiliar and distant location to study, which is often the case with government schools. After five years of schooling, girls receive a certificate, which is valid for continuing education in government schools. Within the same programme, a voucher scheme was launched which allowed out of school children living in areas without government schools, to obtain an education in nearby low cost, private schools free of cost. The scheme has been operational in six districts and has seen over 17,000 out of school children enrol into private schools. Nearly half of them are girls. Adam Smith International is implementing both programmes.






Closing the Gender Gap  
Closing the Gender Gap