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Nigeria is struggling to attract foreign investment due to security concerns and poor infrastructure. To combat growing poverty, Nigeria must find a way to improve its value chain and create wealth – for both women and men. One solution is to invest in small, local businesses. Establishing a small enterprise can be difficult in any country, but it is especially challenging in Nigeria where entrepreneurs have to contend with limited access to finance, high costs and excessive red tape in business registration procedures, and complex tax regulations. To help the Nigerian Government improve the business investment climate, the UK government and Adam Smith International are upgrading and streamlining legislation and administrative procedures to encourage the establishment and growth of small businesses. New payment systems, including direct-tobank payments, and simplified tax forms have been introduced. Tax-for-service agreements between trade associations and local government have been created, defining how government revenues should be reinvested in the economy. Publicity campaigns have been launched to ensure business owners are aware of their rights and responsibilities. In just six months, 517,000 women have seen an increase in their income. There is much more to be done, but change is happening.


Closing the Gender Gap  
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