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This changed when she visited a local seed wholesale company. With 500sq metres of land, Chinumaya was advised to start testing off-season tomato cultivation and started planting higher quality seeds. “Now we get so much more income from this land because we know the right seeds to plant and when to plant them. Next season, we are planning to expand tomato cultivation,” says Chinumaya.

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Chinumaya Darai, 28, grows tomatoes, but only for domestic consumption. She, like many in Dumsichaur – a small rural village in Nepal – is dependent on her husband’s income from overseas employment to provide for the rest of her family.

By helping a small, local business understand the needs of potential customers, local economies are stimulated to serve the poorest and enhance household economies. The SAMARTH-NMDP programme has increased the incomes of over 300,000 smallholder farmers and small-scale entrepreneurs to reduce poverty and empower women.


Closing the Gender Gap  
Closing the Gender Gap