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Proven Medical Billing Pricing Models Every Billing Company’s CEO Must Keep an Eye on | Copyright Š 2017 BillingParadise

Why Our pricing structure is unique? “ We signed up 40 new clients within a month by using this unique pricing structure”

Pricing is the most powerful lever when it comes to business. | Copyright © 2017 BillingParadise

Our basic pricing architecture criteria’s | Copyright Š 2017 BillingParadise

Want to Know How ?

We have created a pricing architecture that was attuned to their specific, very specific, needs. Identified the objections and concerns and created all our metrics with great value.Â | Copyright Š 2017 BillingParadise

1.Revenue growth

We heard from our clients is, there are too many companies had a limitations say,  they don’t do the end-end service,  there will be a minimum fee, if you are practicing services like Ophthalmology, physical therapy, mental health then you might look for a third party RCM vendor. | Copyright © 2017 BillingParadise

How we did ?


“ Luckily, the guys at BillingParadise came alone and do most of the legwork. I check the draft version of claims And transmit them. It's increased our productivity a lot” The billing director of an ob-gyn practice in California | Copyright © 2017 BillingParadise

2. Outsourcing Most healthcare organizations are planning to outsource their revenue cycle operations by 2020 according to a Black Book survey,

On the one hand, healthcare organizations wanted to outsource their RCM operations as it grew increasingly complex and heavily regulated. But on the other hand, wanted someone to become a part of their team and grow with their organizations instead of being a faceless voice. | Copyright Š 2017 BillingParadise

How we did ?

BillingParadise's experts would drive down to the healthcare organization and Sit with the top-level management and develop a go-forward plan. Offer the organization several FTEs who’d meet their expectations Provide quick replacement if need be. Once the modalities were out of the way we added another column to our pricing table. And it worked . | Copyright © 2017 BillingParadise

3. Bundled package According to a survey by BlackBook, 80% of hospital leaders were planning to outsource their entire revenue cycle functions in 2019. The demand for full revenue cycle management outsourcing has increased by 86% between 2015 and 2019. But shockingly, only 18% of hospitals implemented a full-fledged revenue cycle management project in 2018. Because a bundled revenue cycle management package  shouldn’t just cover the various processes and moving parts of the revenue cycle. It has to go beyond. | Copyright © 2017 BillingParadise

BillingParadise RCM services: A denial review process A complete lost revenue recovery audit to identify revenue leaks and opportunities Credentialing and contracting review Legacy AR support On-site deployment of resources MACRA ongoing support Workflow and revenue cycle management tools Structured go-live process | Copyright © 2017 BillingParadise

BillingParadise Pricing Table: Avoid option overload. Don’t stupefy clients with too many choices. Having to make too many decisions will lead to no decision being made at all. Ensure that your pricing packages are not just different price points. They have to be tied to distinct value metrics Keep an ear to the ground. Right from services to pricing those services let it all be centered on your target demographic Remove cognitive strain by offering transparent and consistent prices | Copyright Š 2017 BillingParadise

Identify objections and concerns.

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pricing your medical billing service  

3 smart pricing strategies to attract more clients to your medical billing company in the era of value-based care. Finding it difficult to a...

pricing your medical billing service  

3 smart pricing strategies to attract more clients to your medical billing company in the era of value-based care. Finding it difficult to a...