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Commercial Sponsorship & Partnership Opportunities

What is What is Who we are - The Pilot MSM Project by the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre - Social Media Communication Campaign - Innovative and Creative Look Aims - To stop HIV/AIDS among the MSM community in Thailand - To empower Gay Thailand and Asia - To educate MSM about HIV/AIDS and STDs in an ATTRACTIVE way - To encourage MSM to get tested at Anonymous Clinic - To attract maximum male audience and bring them under one umbrella

àÃÒ¤×Íã¤Ã Adam's Love ¤×Í á¤Áà»Þó礏´ŒÒ¹¡ÒÃÊ×èÍÊÒà ·Õè¨Ñ´·Ó¢Öé¹â´ÂÈٹÇÔ¨ÑÂâäàʹʏ ÊÀÒ¡ÒªÒ´ä·Â à¾×èÍÊÌҧ¤ÇÒÁµÃÐ˹ѡ¶Ö§¡Òû‡Í§¡Ñ¹ áÅÐó礏¡ÒõÃǨàª×éÍàͪäÍÇÕáÅÐâäàʹʏ 㹡ÅØ‹ÁªÒÂÃÑ¡ªÒÂã¹»ÃÐà·Èä·ÂáÅÐÃдѺÀÙÁÔÀÒ¤ ¼‹Ò¹¡Ô¨¡ÃÃÁ¡ÒÃàÃÕ¹ÃÙŒÃٻẺµ‹Ò§æ áÅСÒÃãËŒ¤Ó»ÃÖ¡ÉÒ à¾×èÍÊ‹§àÊÃÔÁãËŒ¤¹ä·ÂÁÕÊØ¢ÀÒ¾´Õ àÃÒ·ÓÍÐäà àÃҨѴ·ÓàÇçºä«µ Adam's Love áÅÐàÇçºËÒ¤Ù‹¢Öé¹ ¡çà¾×è͹ÓÊÒÃàÃ×èͧ¡Òû‡Í§¡Ñ¹ áÅÐËÂØ´¡ÒÃá¾Ã‹àª×éÍàͪäÍÇÕ ÃÇÁ件֧ ¹Óàʹͪ‹Í§·Ò§¡ÒÃãËŒ¤Ó»ÃÖ¡ÉÒ áÅкÃÔ¡ÒõÃǨàª×éÍ µÅÍ´¨¹ ÂѧÊÌҧ¨ÔµÊÓ¹Ö¡ ¤ÇÒÁࢌÒã¨ã¹¡ÒÃÍÂًËÇÁ¡Ñº¼ÙŒÁÕàª×éÍàͪäÍÇÕÍÕ¡´ŒÇ ©Ð¹Ñé¹ á¤Áà»Þó礏¹Õé ¨Ö§¹ÓàʹÍÊÒÃÐàÃ×èͧÃÒÇËÅÒ¡ËÅÒ´ŒÒ¹ à¾×èÍãËŒ¤ÇÒÁÃٌᡋ¡ÅØ‹ÁªÒÂÃÑ¡ªÒ ã¹àÃ×èͧàͪäÍÇÕáÅÐâäàʹʏ ¹Í¡¨Ò¡¹Õé àÇçºä«µÂѧÁÕ à¹×éÍËÒ´ŒÒ¹»¡Ô³¡Ð ÊÓËÃѺ¤¹ÃØ‹¹ãËÁ‹ ·Õè¨ÐࢌÒÁÒÍѾഷ¢ŒÍÁÙÅãËŒµÑÇàͧ ·Ñé§á¿ªÑè¹ ¤ÇÒÁ§ÒÁ ºÑ¹à·Ô§ ´¹µÃÕ ÈÔŻРáÅÐÇѲ¹¸ÃÃÁ µÅÍ´¨¹ ์¹¡ÒÃÊ×èÍÊÒü‹Ò¹Êѧ¤ÁÍ͹䬏 à¾×èÍãËŒàÃÒã¡ÅŒªÔ´¡Ñ¹ÁÒ¡¢Öé¹

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Over 300,000 Thai and international audience and visitors in the region and beyond in 2011 - 1012.

Official Sponsor Official Supplier Official Media Partner



There is a comprehensive Commercial Sponsorship & Partnership Program on offer that enables internaional and domestic companies in the region to integrate with this challenging and creative initiative. The growing popularity within the website and media channels make it the deal platform for comapnies to increase their brand awareness in supporting The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre and their willing to help solving social problems. We have developed packages to suit differing level of needs: Up to eight official sponsors - providing financial support Up to eight official suppliers - providing goods and services Up to eight official media partners - providing advertising/media

Contact Ms. Chattiya Nitpolprasert (Project Manager) +66 80 229 4105 Mr. Tarandeep Singh Anand (Creative Director) +66 8 9908 9908

300,000 THB in cash 300,000 THB in good’s/services 300,000 THB in advertising/media

Rights fall into the following categories: Right to Title: Official Sponsor / Official Supplier / Official Media Partner Branding Rights Logo at ‘ALL’ Activities (subject to local restrictions) Logo on Poster (200 copies) Logo on Postcard (3,000 copies) Logo on Banner Display (subject to local restrictions) Logo on Thailand Official MSM Website and link to your url Logo on Press Kit and Press Release Logo on Related Printed Material of the campaign Media Rights Brand name mention and logo on all Press and Web-based information Logo on ‘ALL’ Official Media Partners Advertisements Experiential Marketing Rights: Presence Marketing (Subject to local conditions) Leafleting (Subject to local conditions) Sampling (Subject to local conditions)

Adam's Love Sponsorship & Partnership Opportunity