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Borgo House, Vicenza, Italy by Carlo Scarpa, 2018











MATTER MATTERS Freshwater Education Center in collaboration with Gunn Chaiyapatranun

This project considers the implications of material and time in architecture. Leveraging the gallery’s proximity to the river edge, concrete is selected as the choice of material to register the passage of time. Water brings concrete to life, then immortalizes its form when it leaves the cast. Although it is conventionally considered as mass, as heaviness, and has a very corporal presence, it always starts off in fluid form. How can the process of casting express concrete’s fluid nature?

ECOMORPHOLOGY Modular Communal Housing on Pittsburgh River’s Edge in collaboration with Timothy Khalifa

By the year 2100, global warming, increasing sea levels and lack of land resources have prompted a shift of inhabitation to the waterfront. This project poses a communal housing model dependent on the various states of flooding and stormwater overflows of this contingent landscape. Inspired by theories of epigenetic landscapes, we overlayed environmental data of a wateredge site onto the underground sewage network and identify a series of bioswale filtration points to built foundations for housing towers. Each tower resembles a coil connected to a central node of filtered water source while living spaces get plugged in as needed.

Identifying convergences of sewage overflows.

Constructing foundation for bioswales to support housing.

Plugging in living spaces as the coil grows.

Connecting individual coil towers to form a housing collective.

HOOP HOUSE Garden Cold Frame in collaboration with Zane Birenbaum, Timothy Khalifa, Matthew Radican, Somin Shim and DK Wang

A portable, lightweight cold frame enclosure for a 12’ x 4’ raised garden bed to extend the growing season during winter. The design evolves around a modular door panel to allow for maximum access.

MATERIALS & ASSEMBLY Precedent studies to investigate the process of assembly in various forms of building construction methods.



CINEMATEK Center for Experimental Media and Performance

Through a series of rotations, the floor plates of the experimental media and performance center are destabalized to prompt constant movement within the internal spaces. Circulations are extruded to curate specific views and processions. The facade is treated as the mediating ground that simultaneously invites and disguises the activity within the building.

Adam Kor


education Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, 2014 - 2018 Minor in History of the Arts GPA: 3.88 Dean’s List: All Semesters Design Studio Commendations: All Semesters experience LAAB Architects Architectural Intern Hong Kong, Summer 2017 Assisted schematic design for the Hong Kong House at the Echigo 2018 Triennial in Japan, exhibition design for local designer Tommy Li, and design development of a bus stop at the harbourfront redevelopment in Hong Kong. Point Line Projects Editorial Assistant Pittsburgh, Summer 2016; 2017 Assisted development of two publications on archcitecture and urbanism in Athens and MoMA catalogue Item: Is Fashion Modern?. Researched on a 2018 travelling exhibition with ArchiteXX, 40 Years Later: Architecture, Activism and Alliances in American Architecture 1977 - 2017. School of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University Teaching Assistant Pittsburgh, Fall 2015 - Present Modern Architecture w/ Prof. Kai Gutschow Historical Survey of World Architecture and Urbanism I w/ Prof. Diane Shaw Digital Media w/ Prof. Eddy Man Kim Analog Media w/ Prof. Gerard Damiani Heinz Architectural Center, Carnegie Museum of Art Curatorial Intern Pittsburgh, Summer 2015 Researched on CMOA Fall 2016 exhibition Building Optimism: Public Space in South America w/ Curator of Architecture Raymund Ryan. involvement inter·punct Editor Student journal for architecture at Carnegie Mellon University. Developed vol. 2 inter·view (2016), featuring interviews with 15 practitioners and theorists such as Bernard Tschumi, Sou Fujimoto, Neil Denari and Eva Franch i Gilabert. Undergraduate Admission Committee 2018 Student Porfolio Reviewer Assisted the School of Architecture admissions process by revewing applicant portfolio submissions. recogition The Pittsburgh History and Landmark Foundation Book Prize 2017 Honorary Mention The Sequence and the Stroll: Reinterpreting Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s Carceri d’invenzione skills Digital: Adobe Creative Suite, Rhinocerous 3D, AutoCAD, Grasshopper, Microsoft Office Language: fluent in English, Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese, beginner in Japanese

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Gypsotheca e Museo Antonio Canava, Possagno, Italy by Carlo Scarpa, 2018

Adam Kor Architecture Portfolio  
Adam Kor Architecture Portfolio