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AFP Establishes Sports Club for DMB at Phoenix, Arizona

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The DMB-owned Village Health Clubs are the Phoenix area’s most luxurious and exclusive health club chain. Rather than tackling the time- and labor-intensive effort of dealing direct with a variety of manufacturers and vendors in managing these facilities, DMB utilizes the experts at AFP. AFP’s deep manufacturer and vendor relationships coupled with its expertise and influence within the industry create a level of efficiency and economies that DMB has leveraged substantially. While much of AFP’s business resides in non-traditional fitness markets such as hospitality, multidwelling/residential, municipalities and academics, its work for DMB illustrates the significant value AFP can bring to traditional health club owners and operators.

Project Summary: DMB is an Arizona-based, diversified real estate company. Founded in 1984, DMB’s projects include signature commercial properties, resort/recreational and primary home communities, country clubs, health clubs and spas located in Arizona, California, Hawaii and Utah. In Arizona, DMB owns and manages Village Health Clubs, the Phoenix area’s most-exclusive, high-end member-based health club chain. Advantage Fitness Products (AFP) began serving DMB in 2001. Beforehand, DMB worked directly with an array of fitness equipment manufacturers in order to supply and service its luxury health clubs and fitness centers in the Phoenix area. The demand of time and energy on DMB was significant, considering the variety of ongoing service and maintenance issues that are common with a member-based fitness facility. For each and every issue, from inventory to equipment purchases to securing parts for exercise machines that were temporarily out of commission, DMB was forced to work with different sources. This created significant challenges due to varying levels of customer service, turnaround times, shipping delays and other challenges associated with having to work across multiple manufacturers and service vendors.

Results: To alleviate this, DMB now may utilize AFP as a single source through which to funnel its Village Health Club portfolio needs, whenever a supply or support requirement may arise. When called upon, AFP provides a multitude of services for DMB including gym design, equipment layout, fitness product selection, supply, and ongoing fitness services for a majority of DMB projects throughout the Phoenix area. DMB utilizes AFP for its deep relationships across the fitness industry’s top manufacturers, its expertise in critical facets of the fitness business and the significant influence it possesses to create economies and efficiencies supporting its wellness business model. AFP supplies equipment and accessories across multiple manufacturers and industry sources. Its collaborative industry relationships produce cost-benefits as well as unmatched efficiencies in getting equipment and parts when needed, minimizing delays. AFP’s expertise has also benefited DMB in technical services, diagnosing problems or equipment malfunctions quickly and accurately; sourcing parts efficiently, and even “pulling strings” when necessary to get parts that may be out of warranty or even out of stock from manufacturers.

AFP works hand in hand with DMB from location to location, including fitness centers within DMB-owned country clubs and residential communities, as well as DMB’s exclusive Village Health Club facilities. AFP’s business expertise is commonly found in non-traditional fitness environments in industries such as hospitality, municipalities, academics, corporate fitness and multi-dwelling communities, where it serves as the primary fitness partner for these amenity based facilities. The company’s work with DMB’s Village Health Clubs illustrates the value AFP can bring to traditional health club owners/operators whom typically possess the programming and operational expertise, but benefit from AFP’s vast network of resources, pricing, and unparalleled technical service and ongoing facility support.

AFP Establishes Sports Club for DMB at Phoenix, Arizona  
AFP Establishes Sports Club for DMB at Phoenix, Arizona  

AFP works hand in hand with DMB from location to location, including fitness centers within DMB-owned country clubs and residential communit...