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How We’re (at least)Trying to Make Money With Facebook My answer to a fellow LinkedIn group member, who asked how we plan to make money with Facebook; Robert, You asked “how to make money...?” We’re carving a niche’, albeit very slowly, with what we call Social Media “3M”. We create our client’s Facebook pages, adding tabs, apps (surveys, events, coupons, etc.), links and info that tend to keep “Likers” engaged. We also provide content (photos, videos, etc.) with that in mind. We then; 1. 2. a. b. c.


Monitor — we check “Liker’s” (users) “wall” posts at least every four hours, six days a week. Mediate — if we discover negative or brand-damaging posts, we inform the client & provide three options; Deletion — we simply delete the post. Determined “Dislikers” simply repost. Delete and Flag — we delete the negative post & ban the user from reposting. The Spin — as pros, this is where we shine! If the client wants a post mediated, we engage the poster in three steps, all with the focus on keeping the client’s brand in the best light. First, we apologize for the less-than-optimal experience. We then engage the poster & ask for more info on the experience so the management can investigate. Finally, we thank the poster and invite them back for the client’s chance to make good. All this is done with a positive take on the client’s brand. Maintain — we frequently edit the page info (hours, prices, contacts, events, etc.) and remove dated posts.

With Social Media being a relatively recent phenomenon, it seems hundreds of thousands of new “experts” and gurus” are popping up. How many bloggers are adding “Ten Essential Tips for Social Media Marketing” and similar entries? Many of the bloggers are so atwitter (pun intended) with the technology; they don’t focus on the basics of FB pages as a medium for good advertising. We remind our clients that a Facebook page shouldn’t be the primary electronic medium to tell their customers what’s for sale. Their websites can do that. (Like Facebook pages, websites are “passive” advertising mediums to which users must be drawn by searches, email, direct mail, events or other methods.) An effective FB page should be more like a “hangout” where the portion of FB’s 500+ million users who have an interest in your company can visit and chat about their experiences. OUR FOCUS IS KEEPING “LIKERS” ENGAGED WITH OUR CLIENTS’ BRAND (logo, tagline, info, etc.) FOR AS MUCH TIME AS POSSIBLE. That’s good advertising. Mediation ensures that “Likers’ engagement is about and around the client’s brand. Notice I mentioned this niche’ is being carved slowly? We offer this service at a surprisingly low cost, hoping to offset with volume. But, it’s a tough sell in tight times. Many potential clients feel they can save a few bucks by doing it themselves. They have an employee, handle the FB page. This is often an employee with full-time responsibilities in another area. They check the page in their “spare” time. I bet this is the case with a rapidly growing, local fast-food chain on which we have been calling. Their FB page has over 30,000 “Likers”. For weeks, those “Likers” have been looking at the restaurant’s FB “wall” that is rife with negative posts, disgusting comparisons of their food to bodily waste & profanity that would make Rod Blagojevich blush. One poster even mentions getting food poison there. There is no interaction from the restaurant. In reaching out to the owners about our “3M” services, we pointed out three of the most shocking posts. The owner never responded to our pitch, but those three posts were deleted. Just a few hours later they were replaced by some more vulgar and negative. We figure the negative posts on this company’s page account for only about 10%. Maybe that’s acceptable to them? Maybe their growth is so robust they don’t care. Robert, I hope my rambling diatribe at least addressed your question & stimulates well as gets us some leads! Thanks!


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How We're (at least) Trying to Make Money With Facebook  

My answer to a fellow LinkedIn group member who asked how we plan to make money with Facebook.