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True Evolution vs. Buzzwords and Bandwagons Our great little advertising company is at a crossroads. I’m seeing so much info that suggests that the “advertising” tag has become taboo. Should we “re-brand”? Everything’s all “branding”, “interactive”, “synergies” and “Paradigms” now. When I ask some industry vets what it all means, I often get varying and contradictory answers. I grew up nurturing a curious fascination with animals and wildlife. So, I fully understand that evolution is necessary to stave off extinction. I know the same is true in business. But, in this age of “information overload”, I wonder how much of the new marketing buzz is bogus? A popular poster from the 70s comes to mind. It read something like “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull…”. AM I WADING IN THE LA BREA TAR PITS OF MARKETING? To prove that our desire has never been to become business fossils, here are some callouts from some of my previous blog entries; From “Keep Doing What You’ve Always Done…”: “…we embrace and utilize technology,…” “Our services must be relevant and viable. For, at least a couple of prospects have proven so by ripping off our ideas.” From “Lost in the Maze of Modern Marketing…”: “We do embrace business evolution and technology.” “It seems the more I look at the latest trends and requisite buzzwords (ie; “interstitial”, “RFM”, “metrics”, “pay per click”, “SEO”, “social media”, “micro-blogging”, clickthrough, “branding”, et. al.), the more I long for simpler times.” “Is there a less-convoluted way to tell prospective clients about beneficial services at a reasonable cost?” “We don’t want to reinvent ourselves. For, I truly feel our “run-lean/hard-work/low-overhead/under-promise and over-deliver” business model is still relevant. But something’s gotta’ change.” From “People Are Sheep”: “…our “old-fashioned”, print-based services are still valuable, viable and effective. Especially when integrated with digital mediums.” Again, I don’t doubt the value of all the new business models out there. Plus, I fully grasp the impact the Internet has had on retailing and how advertising has subsequently evolved. CHANGE IS INEVITABLE I also know if I’m suffering from a midnight toothache, I won’t find a 24-hour apothecary with an Internet search. They’re now called drugstores. If I were a manufacturer of phone booths, I surely would have seen the cell phone’s rise as a call to re-tool and make something else. Maybe steel furniture for the front of Starbucks stores or something. If I were Andrew Ridgeley, I would have invested some of that “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” money in prime real estate. (Google that and get back with me, young folks). MERE WORDPLAY? But to me, the aforementioned scenarios involve real changes, not trendy semantics. A “honed-edge portable slicing device” is still just a pocket knife. A “Manually operated, elongated terrain repositioner” is just a fancy name for a shovel. A “biological bovine methane emission device” is …you figure that one out. Technological advances may change the method, but not necessarily the medium. Though produced by computerized sensors, “digital images” are still just photographs or pictures. They’re just not made by emulsified silver, suspended on paper or plastic. (Wonder if Eastman Kodak really saw that one coming?) THANKS, BUT NO THANKS The point is, I think we’re gonna’ sit this one out. To some, it sounds risky. But there is method to our “madness”. Call it “Counter-Culture Positioning”. How ‘bout those buzzwords? If we have always integrated our clients’ advertising across mediums like web, print, broadcast, outdoor (and recently “social” media), do we really need to toss all our existing business cards, stationery and brochures for new ones with the word “interactive” all over them? If we have always offered to develop clients’ corporate identities on multiple levels, do we really need to replace “advertising” with “branding”? THE SECOND OLDEST PROFESSION? In a past Biblical studies series, I explored the history of Greco-Roman prostitution and fertility rituals during the so-called New Testament times. The prostitutes that often operated in places like the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus must have been quite proficient at “branding”. Their clothing, makeup and perfumes were carefully designed to attract the wealthiest clients. The most successful proprietors needed a “brand” that set them apart. I imagine the competition was fierce. The situation might have been what compelled the Apostle Paul to urge Godly women to dress in a manner that distinctly set them apart from the temple prostitutes. (1 Timothy 2:9) If prostitution is indeed the oldest profession, could advertising be the second oldest? Earlier, in the same collection of inspired writings, the wisest man of the times said that there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9-10). I tend to agree with wise old King Solomon. SWIMMING UPSTREAM ‘CAUSE THERE ARE TOO MANY FISH DOWNSTREAM Cyberspace is chock full of agencies that are scrambling for “relevance” by loading up on coveted keywords. There are so many “new experts” in the “digital” field. Blogs and other online portals have created millions of new commentators, columnists and consultants. There is enough new research out there to prove anyone’s particular point, both pro and con. The result of all this might be a disproportionate number of clients for all the providers of these services. So, as we make a shift from a primary focus on print work to Digital content, we’re still going to apply age-old, proven principles like engagement, persuasion, brevity and repetition to get your message to customers. We’re also going to continue to seek a few good clients who expect outstanding customer service. They also need, know and appreciate proven, effective and economical advertising. Call it “interactive”, call it “branding”, call it whatever is popular these days. But, please CALL US. We’re ready to listen to your marketing plans, goals and challenges. Then, we’ll produce sales-driving advertising and place it wherever you need it. Tags: advertising, blog, branding, design, digital, graphics, integrated, interactive, marketing, metrics, pay per click, printing, re-brand, retail, seo, socal media, website

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True Evolution vs. Buzzwords and Bandwagons ÂŤ Blog

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12/1/10 2:03 PM


Talk On the Street About AdTex Advertising From “Lost in the Maze of Modern Marketing…”: From “Keep Doing What You’ve Always Done…”: If I we...

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