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Boost Your Sales With a Foursquare Mobile Loyalty Program One of our services is developing Foursquare Mobile Loyalty Programs for restaurants and similar businesses.

What is Foursquare? Glad you asked! Foursquare is a location-based mobile social network that lets users “check in” at businesses to earn points and virtual badges. Foursquare provides a Merchants Platform with tools for businesses and brands to find, engage and retain customers. Foursquare has over 6.5 million users, worldwide. Here is our interactive strategy to maximize the effectiveness of your Foursquare Mobile Loyalty Program. 1. We help you “Claim Your Venue”. This allows Foursquare users to find your business, see your specials and check into your business. 2. We use email and Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Yelp) to “roll out” your Foursquare Loyalty Program. We introduce and explain Foursquare and your specials to your list subscribers, Facebook “friends”, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers/friends and Yelp users. 3. We help you develop your Foursquare Specials (See more on next page). 4. We work with you to plan in-house promotion of your Foursquare Mobile Loyalty Program. We produce QR (Quick Reference) codes with promotional info for Foursquare tent cards, signs, window stickers, etc. 5. We merge your Foursquare venue stats with Facebook Insights and other Social Media analytics for periodic reports. Review those reports to evaluate the bottom-line impact of your program and to “tweak” your interactive marketing campaigns.


We use email and Social Media sites to “roll out” your Foursquare Mobile Loyalty Program.

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Foursquare users near your establishment see your Specials with the Foursquare app on their smartphone and “Check In”.

Here’s How it Works

Foursquare users then come in to take advantage of your Special. When they “unlock” your Special, the display on their phone, which they show you, changes. Users tend to tell their friends and co-workers about your Foursquare Specials. The more the merrier!

We produce custom QR (Quick Reference) Code stickers to place on tent cards, signs, in windows, on menus, cups, walls, etc. Smartphone users scan the codes to browse to your Facebook page or website, where they can view more specials and are encouraged to sign up for your email list.

Foursquare’s Merchant Platform Offers Different Kinds of Specials That Include: 1. Friends Special 2. Swarm Special 3. Flash Specials 4. Newbie Special 5. Check-In Special 6. Loyalty Special

Users bring a specified (by you) number of friends to get a Special. When your specified number of Foursquare users check in, everyone gets a Special. The first (you specify the number) of Foursquare users that check in receive a Special. First-time visitors who check in receive a Special. Foursquare users get a Special each time they check in. Integrate Foursquare with your existing loyalty program to reward a specific number of check ins.

And our favorite... 7. Mayor Special

The Foursquare “Mayor” is the most frequent visitor to your establishment over the past 60 days. You can reward the “Mayor” of your establishment with perks like reserved parking and/or seating, menu items or specials named after them, their photo on your “wall of fame, “freebies, more.

The AdTex AdVantage • Rewards = loyalty= repeat visits = increased sales • The inherent “fun factor” makes Foursquare Loyalty Programs a word-of-mouth phenomenon • The interactive nature of the program increases your customer base. You not only have known walk-in customers, you have new email list subscribers, Facebook “Likers” and Twitter followers all with permission-based info you use to custom-tailor marketing and track results.


AdTex Advertising Foursquare Mobile Loyalty Program Info  

How to boost your restaurant and retail sales with an interactive Foursquare Mobile Loyalty Program by AdTex Advertising.

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