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ISABEL - Storm of 2003 September 17, 2003 The Beaufort News County, Towns Plan Now for Aftermath County teams are gearing up to make sure public safety is maintained both before and after the storm. County Environmental Health workers have checked in with wastewater and water supply companies to ensure disaster plans are ready. The County Health Department’s team and nurses are ready to go to the Red Cross shelters, according to Dr. J.T. Garrett, County Health Director. Environmental health is also calling shut-ins on the senior center’s list to offer assistance. “We’re prepared,” said Dr. Garrett. The aftermath team is ready as well. Inspectors will move in to check water supplies, septic tank failures and chlorination. “That’s a lot of work,” Dr Garrett stated. Longer worker hours may be ahead depending on the storm’s track. “We will make a decision as we need to about extended hours,” said Allen Hardison, Coastal Regional Solid Waste management Authority director. The Authority operates the landfill system for Carteret, Craven and Pamlico counties, with a transfer station at the old county landfill in Carteret off Hibbs Road.

In previous years, that site has been used as a staging area for citizens to dump vegetated debris after hurricanes. Several towns have contracts directly with haulers to take the storm debris straight to Tuscarora, avoiding any staging area and traffic bottlenecks. The tipping fee is less at the landfill.” Depending on the condition of the roadway, and then will help monitor traffic across both bridges to Emerald Isle and to Atlantic Beach once property owners and residents are allowed to return, said First Sgt. Allen Smith. “They will be told to go directly to their property, and if they deviate from the most direct route, they may be arrested,” said First Sgt. Smith. ‘For those who do not have re-entry passes they must have proper proof they live or own real property on the island and that city in which they own property must be opened before we will allow them to re-enter.

“People must expect delays for re-entry. It will take time to examine proof of ownership for those who do not or were not issued re-entry passes.”

The Beaufort News | County, towns plan now for aftermath  
The Beaufort News | County, towns plan now for aftermath