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Creating a communication between the Bridgeport neighborhood and the newly constructed, the architect’s home/studio looks back to the history of Stearns quarry and subsequent Palmisano park for conceptual precedent. Terracing green roof, accessible from the ground level- similarly to the elevated park- provides various view points on ascend, while keeping further traditional roof plan at minimum. The studio space, partially submerged into the ground, then signifies the depth of the quarry prior to filling.

a. site map; cardinal, summer/winter sun, predominant winds, 1”=20’-0” -graphite on mylar, hand+digital underpin





b. preliminary sight/vegetation study, 1/4”=1’-0” -graphite and color pencil on trace

c. residential volume, unfolded, NTS -pen on trace




a. first floor plan/views, 1/4”=1’-0” -graphite on mylar digital underpin

c. site section, E-W, 1”=20’-0” -graphite on mylar


b. second floor plan/views, 1/4”=1’-0” -graphite on mylar digital underpin

1/4”=1’-0” fractional model cut plane

d. site section, N-S, 1”=20’-0” -graphite on mylar

a. conceptual models, 1/8”=1’-0”

d. building sections, 1/4”=1’-0” - graphite on mylar

e. final exploded axonometric, 1/4”=1’-0” - graphite on mylar

f. architectonic study models, 6”=1’-0”

c. iterative fractional model, 1/4”=1’-0”

a. iterative model, 1/8”=1’-0”

b. final model, 1/8”=1’-0”

d. final fractional model, 1/4”=1’-0”

CECI N’EST PAS UN MUR parametric cladding contortion

Through parametric recreation and transformation in Rhino Grasshopper, the Broad museum by Diller, Scofidio + Renfro subtly reaches back to its exhibitory predecessors. Specific distance thereof dictates the severity within cladding undulation, where diamondal openings shut in proximity of these forebearers, harboring form and volume, extending to a singular column of tapered points. Through further emphasis on the adjacent sloping terrain in the overall geometry, the Broad nobly sits atop city center, closely abutting other architectural elite.

a. top: “Diamond in the LA rough” conceptual sketch b. above: initial volume re-composition

c. subject-based form iterations

d. final iteration rendered, west view

cladding unit morph based on distance to significant auxiliary musea

rhino|grasshopper definition diagram, modified cladding system in plan, point extrusion attractor name, direction, distance


As a transient space for a working architect, the program of the studio space adheres to the philosophy of Ragdalea center of artistic retreat. The connection with the natural setting of prairie surrounding the immediate site calls for a symbiotic structural solution in material and its use. With emphasis on natural lighting, ventilation, and passive heating technologies, the studio remains occupiable nearly year round, while furnishing all modern provisions needed for productive design development.

a. existing condition, NTS - marker on trace

b. predominant wind direction/magnitude, NTS - marker on trace

c. proposed circulation path, NTS - graphite, charcoal, marker on trace

d. site plan/section, 1”=20’-0” - white ink, chalk, spray paint on duralar, pastel-textured underpin

a. plan, program, ventilation, paving, NTS - graphite, pen, marker on trace

c. seasonal light/heat, NTS - pen, markers on vellum

b. interior/exterior fire service, NTS - graphite on trace

a. longitudinal section, 1/4”=1’-0” - graphite and white pencil on duralar, sawdust and microfiber textured underpin

b. cross section, 1/4”=1’-0” - graphite and white pencil on duralar, sawdust and microfiber textured underpin

c. floor plan/immediate site, 1/4”=1’-0” - white pencil and pastel on press-textured presentation board

a. architectonic study, 6”=1’-0”

b. exploded axonometric, 1/4”=1’-0” -graphite on cotton fiber paper

b. model, 1/4”=1’-0”

CECI N’EST PAS UN MONT condominium

On a challenging site of a 35° slope, a stack of condominiums copies closely its inclination. With large balconies flowing along the terracing levels, natural lighting enters through the space, illuminating rearlocated bedrooms. Special provisions, such as hill climber in the rear of the structure for access to the upper floors and walk-in coolers in the basement, have been incorporated.


community museum competition

A single ARCH D board design competition, calling for a community museum, led to strong geometries of well-known structures in the area working in unity and forming a complex assembly of components within the building. The inner concrete shell, channeling a sense of presence and safety, is veiled in an elegant fringe, utilizing a skin of translucent glass, and permitting lustrous infusion of light into the interior spaces and galleries.

a. siteplan, sustainable strategies

b. plans, circulation, program


The Wake Technical Community College bookstore by Pearce Brinkley Cease + Lee, with its varying building techniques required by the site and the program, stood as an excellent case for detailed analysis and construction documentation rework. As a small commercial project, the focus of the study were the structural components and consise architectural communication thereof.

a. appendix B composition

c. building sections

b. first floor plan

CECI N’EST PAS UN BUREAU studio workstation

As a necessary tool for a productive and creative architectural candidate, a workstation has been developed to provide an ergonomic, structurally sound, and aesthetically pleasing platform for further studio work. In keeping with the surrounding vernacular setting of horizontality, the desk components emphasize a long geometrical composition, while providing a safe repository for the predominately flat work developed.

a. conceptual sketches

b. exploded axonometric

c. handmade hardware details

a. elevations

b. sections

c. interior curiosity


Works following 17/18 academic year conclusion


Works following 17/18 academic year conclusion