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Best Protective Gear For Youth Hockey

Hockey is a fast-paced, physical sport. It is absolutely necessary for players to wear the fitting protective gear. There are several pieces of protective equipment required for hockey players. The helmet, face mask, ear protector, mouth guard, gloves, Jocks/Jills, hockey pants, shoulder, elbow and shin pads including the skates – all function to protect the player’s entire body. This hockey protective gear should all work together as a system. Hockey gear for kids can be difficult to properly fit. Because your young player may think everything works well upon fitting of the new piece. But, in many cases, some pieces need to be worn with other equipment to get an idea of how a particular protective piece fits. To make sure you get what’s worth your investment, always look for the recently updated models when shopping for a new protective gear for your young player, as innovations often come up.

Best protective gear for the head The hockey helmet is one of the most essential pieces of protective hockey equipment. Getting the right size should mean that the helmet fits snugly and doesn’t move when your child shakes his head. The foam type and the shell are also critical factors to consider as they are the first line of protection. Wearing of helmet with face guard is compulsory for youth players to prevent eye and face injuries, cuts and concussion. Itech, CCM, Easton, Reebok and Bauer are among the top brands of helmets and face guards you can see on the market today The Cascade M11 Helmet is a revolutionary helmet that uses state-of-the-art maximum protection technology. Its 20 air vents keeps the head of young players cool. It is not the cheapest in the market but the revolutionary features are worth the value. This lightweight helmet is easy to use as it adopts an adjustment strap system. This helmet is fit customizable so you can be sure of your best size when your own helmet is customized. The cost of the helmet with cage combo is around $139, but many players say the head protection against injuries and concussions is worth it. This helmet is compatible with leading masks & shields.

Best protective gear for the face The face masks are all compulsory safety gear for youth hockey. Three kinds of face masks are available on the market – the wire cages, face shields and combination masks. Bauer, CCM, Easton and Oakley are some of the well-known brands in facial protection for ice hockey. Ear protectors are additional pieces of safety gear to protect the ears. Mouth guards are not mandatory but these safety pieces can help protect the teeth of your young players.

Best protective gear for the vulnerable areas Each pad serves its unique purpose. Hockey players are required to wear shoulder, elbow and shin pads for the protection of the vulnerable areas of the body while allowing the player to move freely. Easton, Bauer, Reebok, CCM and Warrior are some of the popular brands for hockey protective pads.

Best Protective Gear For Youth Hockey