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INTRODUCTION   This Business Plan for the Tasmanian Minerals Council spans the years 2011-14.   It is subject to annual revision.   It sets out priorities for the Board, the secretariat and the committees.   It contains the Council’s mission; outlines the operating environment in which that mission must be fulfilled and identifies key activities to be pursued.   The plan is reviewed as needed by the Board and will be modified as required by the Board, to maintain ongoing alignment with the needs of the members.

MISSION & VALUES   To promote the development of a sustainable minerals sector which operates within community expectations   The Council’s values are:   Respect   Integrity   Openness and awareness   Trust   Accountability   Continual improvement

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Provides industry cohesion Undertakes Business Planning


Maintains a strong community communications presence through the website and general media and the public policy contained within this document Provides support to committees and Board


Implements Board and Committee decisions


Pursues competitively priced energy

COMMITTEES Land Management The Land Management Committee’s role is to facilitate and encourage mineral exploration throughout the State by maintaining and access and improving exploration practice

Health & Safety

Emergency Response

The OHS Committee’s goal is to promote safe and healthy work environments by providing a forum for management, employees and government to identify and develop best practices and communicating advances to the community.

The Emergency Response Committee is the industry’s vehicle to provide expertise and continual learning in this key area. It is also the platform to provide Mutual Aid Agreements between participating sites and will organize and conduct an annual skills competition.

OBJECTIVES   The Tasmanian Minerals Council seeks to assist members and the industry at large to achieve the following:   A profitable and sustainable industry   High levels of environmental performance and influence in environmental policies of importance to the industry   High levels of health and safety performance   Continued access to land for exploration and mining   A competitive economic and regulatory regime that encourages business, innovation and investment   Competitive energy pricing   Industry growth through representation and exploration   Awareness of community and social expectations and appropriate conduct in this regard   Informed communities that appreciate the benefit and importance of the minerals sector to Tasmania’s future.


Maintain a broad and representative membership base to achieve a strong organization. The diverse membership base will allow the Tasmanian Minerals Council to achieve the mission and key objectives.


Work within the Tasmanian and Commonwealth political areas in a proactive and constructive manner to influence policy of importance to the minerals industry.


Promote Federal and State policies which allow the minerals industry to achieve its objectives.


Gather and present data on key performance indicators within the industry.


Promote regulatory approaches, including self-regulation and so-regulation based on industry-Government cooperation.


Provide forums for the presentation of the Council’s key objectives and the exchange of information in key technical and operational areas.


Maximise synergies with Minerals Councils and Chambers in each State and Territory and the Minerals Council of Australia, to achieve leveraged influence on outcomes affecting the minerals industry in Tasmania.

OPERATING ENVIRONMENT   The industry in Tasmania operates in an unstable (2011) political climate with varying levels of support across the major parties.   At the political level, the Council has a sound and workable relationship with both the Tasmanian Government and the Opposition.   The membership base is comprehensive, but every opportunity must be taken to ensure that the maximum number of members is attained, ir order to present an unified face to Government and the wider community, and to spread the call on resources as widely as possible. The key message for the secretariat remains as relevance to the membership and demonstrated ability to meet key agreed objectives.

CONTACT DETAILS TASMANIAN MINERALS COUNCIL LIMITED GPO Box 937, Hobart 7001 32 Davey Street Hobart 7000 Telephone 03 6223 8600 | Fax 03 6231 1689 Email Web

TMC Business Plan  
TMC Business Plan  

TMC Business Plan 2011 - 2014