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2005 Funky Dragon (Children and Young People’s Assembly for Wales) voted strongly for the development of National Participation Standards

The National Youth Agency (NYA) ran a Young Researchers Network (YRN) The YRN found that: 

The Standards were launched by Jane Davidson on 25/01/07

Article 12 of the UNCRC says ‘Every child has the right to say what they think in all matters affecting them, and to have their views taken seriously.’

As a result of the right we have seen many young people’s forums and councils being developed As an Extended Entitlement young people have a right to ‘be consulted and participate in decision making’

Wales still pays Educational Maintenance Allowance for young people between 16-20 in full-time education Extended Entitlements of young people in Wales provide young people with the right to have Education, Training and Work Experience tailored to their needs Since September 2008 Wales implemented a new school curriculum for 3-19 year olds as part of this there is the:

 

Schools can be too restrictive and authoritarian

In 1991 the United Kingdome agreed to the United Nations Convention for the Rights of a Child The United Nation has in total 52 Articles that relate to Children aged 0-18 During 2011 the Children and Young Persons’ Measure which included that all Welsh Ministers have a duty to consider the UNCRC in all matters

Aims which was enacted in 2000 

The 7 Core Aims express that all Children and Young people should: 

Have A flying start

Have a comprehensive Education

 

Foundation Phase 3-19 year olds Learning Pathways 14-19 year olds

10 Extended Entitlement were developed by the Welsh Government in 2000 and they produced Support and guidance document in 2002 The 10 Extended Entitlements were developed to incorporate the UNCRC rights for young people to allow it to the age of 25 whereas the UNCRC is only the age of 18 The reality however is that many people do not accept these entitlements recognised and therefore not enforceable. The 10 entitlements was later supported by the 7 Core

Be free from abuse, victimization and exploitation Have access to play, leisure, sporting and cultural Activities Be treated with respect and recognised for their cultural Identity

Have a safe community with support emotionally and physically Not be disadvantaged by poverty

The media produces more negative stories than positive. The media focuses on minority groups Bad news sells Journalists are put under pressure to cover negative stories Negative media coverage can have an effect on young people’s lives.

ClicOnline is online magazine is written by young people however receives relatively no attention in mainstream media.

The Minimum Wage only apples to young people aged 16 and above There’s a difference of £2.59 between a 16 and 21 year old in minimum wage There is special support for under 18’s in employment in regards to allowed working particular times Job Seekers Allowance is also paid a discrepancy of £14.90 a week less for Under 25’s than those over 25 UNCRC is supposed to protect children from poverty However David Cameron considered Young people are facing a “Jobless Recovery”

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