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Adam Red is the Strategic Branding Partner You've Been Needing

BRANDS RULE THE WORLD  |  How much territory do you want?
Gwen Witherspoon, Principal & Chief Visionary Officer
Photo © 2018 @ronwitherspoon

For your audience, it’s personal. They’re counting on your company to be who you promised. The good news is that when you deliver, they will reward you with their loyalty.

You see, we all want to believe. We need what you have to make our lives better, and we’re willing to pay for it. You just have to demonstrate that you can be trusted. That’s branding, and it inspires and activates ambassadors. Your company’s positioning, name, identity, architecture, and promise is our specialty. It includes a visual identity, but it is so much more. At Adam Red we help innovative leaders forge a brand promise that delivers–from strategy to design to execution.

Who is Adam Red? We get asked that a lot, and the answer is simple. “He” represents the origins of identity: who you are, what you’re made of, and the work you’ve been given. We bring advertising agency, public relations, broadcasting, web design, luxury retail management, and entrepreneurial experience to the modern business environment.

Our roots are firmly planted in over 75 years of combined experience–from traditional media to digital marketing with budgets from $60 million to $6000. Branding is the lane we’ve grown into through our work with the military, nonprofits, ministries, artists, corporations, and entrepreneurs. We know how to leverage traditional and digital strategies, and our team is scalable depending on the scope of your needs.

We take a comprehensive approach to provide the tools and the environment for the growth of your brand. Our philosophy is rooted in the fact that we have confidence in the future and humanity’s innate ability to produce something good.

For over 35 years, we have provided communications services built on a solid agency foundation. We use several proprietary models to develop the strategies you need to connect and engage with your audience. We do this by employing timeless principles with current tools to offer strategic planning as we analyze faith culture, design compelling experiences, and maximize unique distribution systems to communicate with global audiences.

Our home is Atlanta, Georgia. Our reach is global–focused on touching the masses. Our primary tool is technology. Count on @adamredagency for design rooted in strategy.

“Write the vision, and make it plain...” – Habakkuk 2: 2  “It is not enough to write your vision down. You have to make it plain...plain enough for someone else to read it hastily and be able to run with it. That is a process. At Adam Red, we call this process making it V.I.V.I.D.™” – Gwen Witherspoon

Trees need wind to blow against them because it causes their root systems to grow deeper. It is the root system–not the trunk–that supports the tree as it grows taller.

Wind represents adversity, and it also represents the Spirit–revelation from God. Proverbs 29: 18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” In the Living Bible, “vision” is translated as “revelation”.

Your business will grow stronger with vision, with a revelation of the future you wish to create, with insight into your potential and the impact you envision. We are here to help you write the vision, to make it so vivid that it can be understood at a glance by your team and your audience. That is the foundation for growth.

Branding is how you mark the perception of your audience to form enduring relationships, turning them into ambassadors.

If you want to explore what is possible, truly solve a problem, or become a household name, you must build a brand.

Branding is the centerpiece of every successful company. The ultimate value of a business is in its brand–the name, the mark, the products. No two entities can share an industry, a name, or the exact product. Your brand is your unique identity, and when executed comprehensively throughout your company, it translates into your customer’s experience and relationship with you. Branding is not just how your company looks. It’s also how it works. At Adam Red, we specialize in taking a comprehensive approach to your brand strategy, visual identity, and product development.

We are living in the age of uprisings and movements. No matter your industry, you need a cultural movement strategy to break down the walls of indifference. Smart brands are taking advantage of new tools and new global distribution channels. The truth of the matter is–no branding, no differentiation equals no long-term profitability.

At Adam Red, developing your brand goes beyond the design of your visual identity. We are the architects that provide the services required to design and build your brand with you. That process begins with creating a brand strategy for growth.

The modern business environment demands that you understand and utilize online tools to engage with your audience.

There are 28.8 million businesses in the United States. How will you stand out?

Every company needs a web presence, but your website has to be more than an online brochure. It must be a living, breathing, growing resource for your visitors. At Adam Red, we develop scalable, templated and custom WordPress Content Management Systems (CMS). Our experience includes ecommerce, retail, membership, marketplace, community, consultant, artist, and nonprofit sites. We design effective websites that integrate with your company’s processes seamlessly.

Social Media is another must-have for modern businesses. However, how you use it depends greatly on your long-term business objectives. We understand that. Social media makes it possible for you to develop an ongoing relationship with your audience. At Adam Red, we can develop your branded social media presence, market your company, products, and events effectively, develop and manage your content calendar, and ultimately drive traffic to your website.

Effective systems are the foundation of business growth, and growth comes from connecting who you are with the audience that needs you most. Like any meaningful relationship, that takes time. In business, you can shorten that cycle by automating your administrative tasks and communication to engage your site visitors and turn them into ambassadors. At Adam Red, we provide inbound, content, and email marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) services to give your brand a vehicle for growth.

We distribute your unique, core message in print, digital and online products with custom and branded multichannel publishing.

Telling your story to the right people and connecting with them is the cornerstone of modern brand building.

Traditional marketing tells everyone how great you are, while modern marketing shows them, and it’s driven by content. According to Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute, “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” At Adam Red, we help you curate, develop, publish, and distribute your unique message.

Your future customers are researching their next purchase online. They are comparison shopping and seeking out the opinions of others in order to make a decision. As a result, content is king, and Adam Red exists to help you create value for your brand. The inbound marketing model focuses on helping you attract attention, drive website traffic, generate leads, expand your customer base, and inspire brand ambassadors.

Technological innovations in the printing and broadcast industries have made it possible for small and large brands to essentially become their own publishing houses. The key is presenting customer-focused information in a variety of formats across multiple platforms on a consistent basis.

We help you create a closer bond with your audience by designing memorable, handson, participatory experiences.

An emotional connection is made when your audience uses all of their senses to engage with your brand.

Experience marketing is an emotional appeal that intersects technology with human interaction to facilitate the development of trust, conversation, and collaboration. When customers are invited and encouraged to participate in the growth of your brand, they become faithful brand loyalists.

The sum of your visual identity, product lines, service menu, and systems is your customer’s experience with your brand. At Adam Red, when we talk about creating “experiences”, it starts with your overall brand strategy, but it doesn’t stop there. Once defined, we can translate it into specific, intentional events that provide a reciprocal benefit between you and your audience. The goal of marketing is a transaction, but the outcome of experience marketing is a connection.

Connections can be made through hypercustomization, live streaming, and crowdsourcing. Other opportunities include gamification, virtual reality, and even spontaneous and fun popup shops. At Adam Red, we design and flawlessly execute branded customer experiences.


You know what you’re doing. You’ve even had some success. However, you’re not where you want to be. That’s where Adam Red comes in.

No matter the project, we start by examining where you are, where you want to go, and we create a plan to get you there. Our work process is simple: strategize > design > produce > release. Our secret sauce is our proprietary V.I.V.I.D.™ Model for Growth & Development that is rooted in timeless, spiritual principles. It stands for VISION, IDENTITY, VOICE, INFORMATION, and DEVELOPMENT, and we use it to help you and your team uncover the ideal strategy for reaching your growth objectives. We ask the key questions and use the answers to look at what you could do and then narrow it down to exactly what you need to do.

Conducted in half or full-day blocks, Vivid Sessions are customized for your industry, event, or organization. Each hour includes exploration, instruction, and hands-on analysis of what concerns you most. Though the specific takeaways cannot be guaranteed, our goal is that you leave with more clarity, tangible next steps, and more cohesiveness for action.

STRATEGIZE: Together we develop a vision for the future and a strategy to get there.
DESIGN: We create a visual identity that is interpreted across multiple platforms.
PRODUCE: We integrate your goals with ruthless attention to detail for flawless execution.
RELEASE: We test our assumptions and adjust for accuracy. Then, we launch!
Put us to work for you.