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ADAMPOLIS GROUP Adampolis group – one of the biggest heavy vehicles trade companies group in Lithuania, the official representative of MAN, NEOPLAN, DIECI and other world-wide brands. Started in 1995, Adampolis has been developing very fast – in couple years has made an cooperation agreement with „MAN Truck & Bus AG“ and opened it‘s service centers in Kaunas and Vilnius. From the year of 2005, Adampolis has grown as the official importer of „MAN Truck & Bus AG“, having 4 service centers and 6 spare parts shops. During the last years, Adampolis is in a development process of agriculture and special equipment activities as well. Nowadays Adampolis is well – known in the market as an expert of the sales, lease and service of the trucks, buses, agricultural and special equipment.

„The basis for our successful development and growth is our focus on a quality and advanced technologies“ CEO of Adampolis group Vidas Čebatavičius

MAN TRUCKS Adampolis is the official representative of„MAN Truck & Bus AG“ in the country. The company takes care of new MAN trucks sales in Lithuania, also offers second-hand MAN trucks, generally known by the name of TopUsed. MAN trucks have been awarded numerous times among the truck producers in Europe. In Lithuania MAN had prizes as well – the last one was the award for MAN TGX EfficientLine as the most economic truck of the year 2012 and MAN TGM/TGL as the truck of the year 2013.

NEOPLAN BUSES Adampolis as the official representative of NEOPLAN buses has the possibility to provide worldwide known brand for the market of Lithuania. Despite the category, all the NEOPLAN buses are perfect representative of VIP CLASS philosophy for luxury travel.

MAN BUSES Adampolis as the official representative of „MAN Truck & Bus AG“ in the country, takes care of the new MAN buses sales in Lithuania, also offers second-hand MAN buses. Adampolis deals up with the main government institutions regarding the city, intercity and coach category buses. This year Adampolis allready had an big event in Vilnius – on the capital streets in March appeared 18 brand new „MAN Lion‘s City“ buses.

DIECI As the official representative of DIECI in Lithuania, Adampolis takes care of the new DIECI equipment sales and it‘s service in the market, also offers second-hand DIECI equipment. DIECI telescopic elevators are the main vehicles in the market currently, but Adampolis is in a development processs for the other DIECI equipment sales as well.



ADAMPOLIS SERVICE Adampolis owns 4 service centers at the biggest cities in Lithuania: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda and Marijampole. Annually the company provides it‘s service for average of 2500 clients: mostly takes care of MAN trucks, but also provides the service for other producers trucks as well. Adampolis owns 6 spare parts shops in Lithuania – at Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Marijampole, Panevezys and Utena. The company offers over 50 000 spare parts for it‘s clients in the market.



ADAMPOLIS FINANCE Adampolis Finance provides the special financial services for the clients, who are willing to purchase or lease Adampolis heavy vehicles of any available kind. The individual financial plan prepared by the transport sector expert is the most important advantage of Adampolis Finance. Annually Adampolis Finance takes care of 150 company‘s clients.



ADAMPOLIS RENTAL Adampolis Rental is a part of Adampolis Group. Adampolis Rental takes care of the vehicles lease for the clients. It covers all the heavy vehicles sector – trucks, agriculture and special equipment. Also Adampolis Rental can offer the commerce vehicles for lease.



VETOIL JSC Vetoil is a part of Adampolis Group. Vetoil is responsible for all Adampolis clients vehicles service of the oils and lubricants, filters and auto chemistry. Vetoil represents the famous brands in the world as GULF, BARDAHL, FLEETGUARD and it takes care of the market branches as trucks and buses, industry, agriculture and special equipment.



ADAMPOLIS NT Adampolis NT is a part of Adampolis Group. Adampolis NT is responsible for the group current objects maintenance and new projects construction. One of the famous Adampolis NT project was the project of Adampolis service center in Klaipeda, built under high „MAN Truck & Bus AG“ requirements.



ADAMPOLIS ACADEMY Adampolis Academy is a part of Adampolis Group development. Academy helps to rise the qualification of Adampolis staff and stay competitive in the market. Also Academy is organizing the special economic driving course for the client’s drivers. The right fuel consumption is one of the main topics in transport sector nowadays.



Adampolis group EN  

Adampolis group EN

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