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DEJA VU X2 TEAM SERVER® Bearing In mind the most advanced Information Technologies, in our work we use server system that assists CAT translation from the ATRIL company. The essence of this system is creating translation memories which store previously translated source text and their equivalent translations in the central database ™ and also recover connected segments while translating new texts to enhance the efficiency of translation and increase the integrity of translation.






External Executives

Translation    

Efficient cooperation with external executives Efficient use of broad translation memories High scalability and flexibility of server solutions which enables quick adjustment to increase of voluble of orders Simple migration of data from traditional translation memories

• Reduction of costs (translation from 19 zł for a page). • Huge expense of translation In a short time (up to 250 pages for a day). • Ensuring invariable style and terminology (creating lexicons and terminology bases). • Retention of the source structure of files (e.g. XML, HTML, SGML). • Opportunity for automatic import of translation to DTP software (Adobe In Design, Quark) • Retention of source text formatting • Conversion of PDF files to editable text formats • Building dedicated translation memories • Opportunity to use the clients’ translation memories and their terminology

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