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Movin’ With Rubin

Henry Hudson, High Tech, MAST, Middletown North, Middletown South, Rumson-Fair Haven

Official Newsletter of Division 8 of the New Jersey District of Key Club International

Hello from your LTG

Volume 1 Issue 1

Hello Division 8 Officers!

In this issue!

My name is Adam Rubin and I’ll be serving as your Lieutenant Governor for the 2013-2014 service year. I’m more than excited to start this service year with you guys because I know with your help, we can have the best service year ever! I’m still in such awe that I have been given this awesome opportunity to serve my community at the district level. I have high hopes for this year, and I hope together we can accomplish these goals. As LTG I aim to work with each club on a personal level and working with several clubs to hold various divisional events as well as events with other divisions in order to bring us closer together as a district, and as a K-Family!

Introductions............... 1

Yours in caring and service,

Adam Rubin Division 8 Lieutenant Governor

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CMRFs are due the 10th of every month!

District Convention 2013 On April 5, 2013 over 500 Key Clubbers from the New Jersey District to celebrate the end of another “roarin’” year of service! Attendees went to workshops and heard inspirational speeches from various people. For those of you who were not able to be present, it was a great time. We got to see the Immediate Past District Board, and clubs were recognized for all of their achievements throughout the year. There was dancing, and there was cheering. We watched as scholarships were awarded to some very hard-working seniors, and we said goodbye to our Immediate Past District Governor, Nicole Ventrone, a senior at MAST. We cheered for our favorite candidates for the executive board, and on Saturday, at the House of Delegates, two members from each club present voted for the candidate they thought most qualified to take each position. Sunday Morning the Immediate Past Board was retired and the current board was installed! From the looks of everyone’s faces, everyone was tired, but had an amazing weekend! District Convention, for hopefully many others and me, is a weekend of service, fun, excitement, being tired, happy, and most importantly, family.


2012-2013 Distinguished Officers Here’s a list of all the distinguished officers of Division 8 from the 2012-2013 service year! Presidents • Ashley Hann • Kristen Sidun • Eesha Ramanujam • Martha Smith • Chris Brodsky Vice Presidents • Jacqueline Lowenstein • Derek Qui • Brittany Snyder • Brianna Ferraro Secretaries • Katie Henry • Sophia Gutchinov • Matthew D’Agati • Valerie Menna Treasurers • Daniel McCormack • Brooke Wilemstyn • Richie Kelly • Melissa Saviolo Editors • Danielle Ciaurro • Alison Pham • Rebecca D’Albero • Alyssa VanDoorn • Leor Golan • Andrew Millman Webmasters • Joseph Nardone • Alyssa VanDoorn

International Convention 2013 Wasn’t District Convention just a hoot-and-a-half? Well if you thought so, then what would you say to over two thousand Key Clubbers screaming from all over the world? If that seems like something you’d want to be a part of, than you should really consider attending International Convention this July! International Convention this year will run from July 1 to July 8, in Washington, D.C., uniting Key Clubbers from across all the districts of Key Club International. At International Convention 2013 we will here from several motivational speakers, including Elizabeth Smart, and Michael C. Anthony. Attendees will attend various workshops of their

choice and hear speeches from candidates running for various positions on the international board, including International President! This year is especially important because we have our very own Zach Waldorf running for International Trustee! Just like District Convention, there are several dances throughout the convention, and very special clubs are recognized for their outstanding service to their homes, schools, and communities. International Convention will cost $850 per key clubber this year, and the first payment is due by May 8, 2013. If you or one of your members is interested, contact me and I will get you the necessary information!

Meet the Neighbors The New Jersey District of Key Club International is made up of 23 divisions; almost all key clubbers know that. But what does that mean for us? Most clubs only interact with each other at District events such as Fall Rally or District Convention or at divisional events. Most clubs don’t interact with each other to cooperate with service projects. There are two divisions that neighbor our little division 8 and that’s division 9 to the west, which is led by Lieutenant Governor Elina Hseuh, and Division 7 to our south, which is led by Lieutenant Governor Lindsey O’Brien. Divisions 4,6, and 10 are all also near to us, but they do not border us directly. I challenge you and your club to at one point during the service year to go out and to hold a service event with another club, whether they’re from division 8 or not, try and develop relationships with other clubs. After all, we’re all in the K-Family together!


May 31st

The 2013-2014 Executive Board At the 68th annual District Convention this year, the House of Delegates voted to elect the new Executive Board for the New Jersey District Board of Trustees. These were the results: District Governor: Ryan Clarkin of Vernon Township High School District Secretary: Kelly Tran of Egg Harbor Township High School District Treasurer: Penny Xu of Parsippany Hills High School District Editor: Pak Chau of Egg Harbor Township High School District Webmaster: Yuya Ong of Tenafly High School Congratulations to all of them! They did a great job campaigning and all are going to do a wonderful job in their respected positions!

Important Contacts Adam Rubin

Lieutenant Governor of Division 8 Email: 160 Kings Mountain Road Freehold, NJ 07728 Cell: (732) 320-8036

Look out! Upcoming events! •

• • •

Club Rosters: As soon as your club has held its officer elections for the upcoming service year, you must begin creating a roster for these officers. A due date will be announced. Officer Training Conferences: As soon as your club holds its elections for the 2013-2014 officers, contact me so that I can set up a date to train them. ALL OFFICERS MUST BE TRAINED BY FALL RALLY SO THIS IS CRUCIAL! CMRFs are due on the 10th of every month, even in the summer months! I am here to help anyone who needs it! International Convention 2013: It’s in Washington, D.C. this year and the cost is $850. Contact me for more information. Spring Regional Training Conferences are going to be May 11 and May 18 this year! More information coming!

Ryan Clarkin

District Governor Email:

Kelly Tran District Secretary Email:

Penny Xu District Treasurer Email:

Pak Chau District Editor Email:

Yuya Ong District Webmaster Email:

Rob Acerra

Zone Administrator Email:

Kaitlin McCann District Administrator Email:


Please do not hesitate to contact me in any way you feel comfortable whether it’s through emails, text messages, phone calls, or even send me letters! My goal is to be as accessible to you as possible!

Calendar of the Upcoming Month

May 2013 Sunday










1 Item Drive for Soldiers Divisional Event begins








Spring Regional Training Conference Club Monthly Report Forms Due! at Cedar Creek High School

18 12


















Spring Regional Training Conference at Bloomfield High School

Please do not hesitate to contact me in any way you feel comfortable whether it’s through emails, text messages, phone calls, or even send me letters! My goal is to be as accessible to you as possible!



Division 8 Newsletter - April 2013  

This is the first official Newsletter for the 2013-2014 service year! At the end of every month I will post a newsletter to keep the clubs i...

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