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Hori Smoku Cocktail Menu

Basement Bar Hogans 35 Georges Street, Dublin 2 T: 01 6 77 5904

Basement Bar Hogans

Hori Smoku, Tiki and Rum Night at Hogans Basement Bar

Norman Collins


A fresh and tasty mix of Sailor Jerry spiced rum, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup, a dash of dandelion and burdock bitters and topped with soda.

A sumptuous little mix of, rum, bitters, sugar, and just a touch of apple juice. Yum!



Honolulu baby...

Spice & Stormy Sailor jerry, muddled fresh ginger, fresh lime juice, a dash of bokers bitters and topped with soda.


Where’d you get that rum? Sailor jerry, homemade orgeat syrup, myers rum, orange bitters, mixed with pineapple and lime juices.



Sally Cinnamon Sugar and spice and all things nice! With Sailor jerry spiced rum, apple juice, lime juice and topped with ginger beer and a touch of cinnamon.

Light rum and dark rums combined with passion fruit syrup, homemade grenadine, orange, pineapple and lime juices. That’s a tasty beverage!



Sailor Grog

Zombie With our own blend of 5 rums! Apricot brandy, maraschino liqueur, absinthe,homemade falernum, lime juice, pineapple juice, orange juice, , homemade grenadine and bitters, this one is not for the faint hearted, so much so we have to limit you to 2 per night! Also available for sharing, served in a volcano!


Sailor jerry and pussers navy rums; shaken with honey syrup and lime juice. A hearty and potent rum mix to warm your cockles!


Swizzle Me Timbers A tasty little beverage of rum, homemade velvet falernum and lime juice. Swizzled over crushed ice.


Mai Tai Gold rum, dark rum, homemade orgeat, triple sec and lime juice. Simple and deliciously tiki!


Why not try...

our tasty punches to share for about 6 people and served in a big ol’ pineapple. And we’ve got a different one for you each week!


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