Page 1

Adding a portrait image and cropped it to fit an A4 canvas size.

Adding a graffiti spray effect with the paint brush tool, changing the size of 391 and also having the paint brush with a slightly less opacity outside line effect added to it giving it the spray paint look.

Adding the main headline to the magazine front cover, having the text in the colour bright yellow, to get the colour I took the colour from colour picker tool and took the yellow from the graffiti wall background in the main image. I added an outer glow effect to the text but chose to have the band’s name with the largest outer glow so that the audience recognise that, that is there name. To complete this effect I double clicked on the text layer box opening the effect box and selected outer glow. Making the outer glow spread being 13 and the size being 11 to make the effect not to bold but at least making it stick out from the page.

Adding a strapline to the front cover, I selected the rectangle tool from the toolbar and creating the strapline box. I kept with the purple and light yellow colours to keep with the conventional forms of a magazine having a three colour scheme.

Adding a magazine masthead, the masthead font I chose was Trajan Pro, I selected to change the font from Arial to Trajan by selecting the text tool and changing it with the text tool top right. I’ve added a drop shadow effect by double clicking the text layer in the layers box and selecting the drop shadow.

Including a banner along the bottom, to complete this I selected rectrangle tool and drew a small box along the bottom of the magazine, then took the JPEG image of the CD cover and placed it on the left hand side, I put it onto an angle by pressing ctrl+T and then rotating the image. To create the ‘WIN VIP TICKETS TO ANY GIG OF YOUR CHOICE’ I drew the triangles by drawing on of them with the polygon lasso tool and then filling it with the light red colour and then copy and pasting by pressing ctrl+c and then ctrl+v.

Adding cover lines to the magazine.

Adding barcode and date to the magazine front cover.