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Mara-ison Connectiva, a global leader and innovative provider in revenue and business assurance that empowers communications service providers (CSP), introduced a powerful and lightweight revenue assurance and fraud management application, KEPLER for smaller telecom operators. Business Wire 06/02/2014

Mara-Ison Connectiva has expanded into Integrated Risk Management System for Entry to Medium level Telecom without the overhead of deploying a full-fledged RA-FMS Suite, thus reducing CAPEX said Adam Maghrouri, President Of Americas at Mara-ison Connectiva. . What’s more, it addresses the key concern of the CSPs worldwide for deploying resource and time hungry solutions reduced to days and available on commodity hardware. Arrest the business risk with everything prepackaged and ready to go simple artifacts. KEPLER ensures Fastest “time to plug the revenue leak” & identify frauds by Pre-configured items and software flexibility ensure hassle free implementation, 90% savings on Standard deployment time. Maximize Return on Investment by monetization of identified risks / value of solution or service, 60% savings on standard deployment of full-fledged solution, continued Adam Maghrouri.

What KEPLER Ensures? Fastest “time to plug the revenue leak” & identify frauds o Pre-configured items and software flexibility ensure hassle free implementation o 90% savings on Standard deployment time Maximize Return on Investment o Monetization of identified risks / value of solution or service o 60 % savings on standard deployment of full-fledged solution

KEY BENEFITS Integrated Platform for Revenue Assurance & Fraud o Widely implemented for many clients o Performance enhancer Quick View Dashboard o Graphical representation- easy to interpret o User friendly Drill down facilities Best Practiced Alarms and Decision Reports o Console/Email/ text

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SCALABILITY & EXTENDIBILITY Scalability: KEPLER can scale up or down depending upon the need. For small operators, you do not need heavy duty machines and it runs on Standard hardware Upgradation: As and when required, Enterprise Edition features can be added to the existing installation. Extendibility: KEPLER comes with preconfigured Data Connectors, KPIs, Reports, and Alarms etc. However, as and when required, extra Data Connectors, KPIs, Reports and alarms can be added to it to satisfy the business needs.

PRODUCT FEATURES Data Acquisition: KEPLER comes bundled with 15+ data connectors for different Network Equipments which can readily read the data and process them. Ready2Go KPIs and Reports: KEPLER comes with 30+ important KPIs and Reports prepackaged and preconfigured. This makes Revenue Assurance and Fraud Detection capability available without further configuration Alarms: KEPLER comes with 20+ Rules readily available, which work out of the box without further tuning. System Monitoring: KEPLER comes with Operational KPIs/Reports to help the Customer to manage day-to-day operations Thoroughly Tested: All prepackaged and preconfigured artifacts are thoroughly tested in our Lab to make sure those are error free. Management: KEPLER with already bundled with several system management scripts which are already scheduled to take care of the System Management with minimum human interference

INSTALLATION/MANAGEMENT Out-of-the-Box Installation: KEPLER is a complete KEPLER Product Suite preconfigured and built for easy installation for Small to Medium sized Operators. The installation can be done in 70% lesser time as compared to standard implementation life cycle. Bundled Database: KEPLER comes bundled with required Databases and other prerequisites so the installation is hassle free and clean. Multiple Operating Systems: KEPLER can run on multiple Operating Systems like Linux, Solaris. However, we also support AIX and HP-UX based upon Customers preference Secured out of the Box: KEPLER comes bundled with standard security features preconfigured Patch Management: All updates to KEPLER can be applied in minimum time to enhance features or fixing problems

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Executive dashboard provides the various types of key information for top-level management, operational management, IT users etc. Following are the types, which can be viewed from the executive dashboard.

For aiding the purpose of high-level business views KEPLER comes with a business friendly dashboard, which shows data at a summarized level to provide useful information to business users. Such visual applications portray high level network and operation status.

WHAT TELCO GAINS  Minimal CAPEX (Set up fee)  Pay to use License  Monthly service cost including hardware rental (only OPEX)  Revenue Share Model  Concentrate on Core activities No hardware ownership No software ownership No resource to manage No training need About Mara-Ison Connectiva Mara-Ison Connectiva is a subscriber data monetization company that delivers a portfolio of analytics solutions, which enable telecom, media, and utility companies to lower churn, improve operational effectiveness, boost ARPU and increase overall profitability. Head quartered in Dubai, and with offices throughout the world, the company has global footprint while serving Leading service providers ranging from 2 million to 200 million subscribers in a variety of segments across mobile, cable, wire line, media, utilities and business services to deliver over $750 million in value. The product has won numerous awards and has been consistently recognized as one of the best products in Business Analytics domain.

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