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A colourful girl who likes black and white – Some people think I’m doing drugs. That is the biggest misunderstanding about me. Nina Erikséns colorful style together with artistic flow sometimes make people think they can read her as an open book.


n easy book perhaps, in terms of openmindedness and laughter , but with many unwritten pages. With her home in the archipelago Nina Eriksén has always had one foot on the ground, and one in the water. The calm life has given her creative mind get loose reins. Maybe that´s the reason why people wrongly heads for own truths when Nina is on peoples lips. – If you have this particular style that I have, goes to hippie festivals, have friends with dreads, it’s easy for people to think things about me. I don’t have a romantic view on drugs, she says. Strong preparations The strongest preperations Nina has got in touch with is rather the chemicals in the dark film developing room. Just one ingredients in that creative potpurri which surrounds her. She is a child of April vintage 1990 and grew up in Simpnäs at Björkö island outside Norrtälje. The creative mind has always been there. After three years at the Aesthetic program, she came to Kalix to a little push to the wordflow. After school she immortalizes the world in black and white, and an old accordion is waiting for air in its belly. Another brush stroke also hits the board, even if she admits she hasn’t been so busy with that lately. – I would like to paint more than I find the time for. I haven’t done it so much here in Kalix, and that’s really a pity. But in the authumn I usually get better in finding the time. Doesn’t stay in her room all day One reason in particular why the brushes has remained dry in the glass jar is Ninas neverending curiousity. There is

always something going on in her home at Östergård, and if you’re just sitting in your room you will never find out anything. She wants to stay alert. That always was the story. - When I was a kid back home in Simpnäs I enjoyed listening to the elders. You learned new things all the time, and that is actually the main reason why I wanna become a journalist. Environmental concern This summer Nina worked at the Norrtelje Newspaper, an opportunity she received through her internship in March. But it’s not local scoop that makes her on fire, but magazines with focus on culture and environmental issues. But no matter how interest she is, she is still not part of any organisations within the field. – I have been thinking whether it’s okay or not to be part of that when you are supposed to work as a neutral jour-

nalist, she says. then of course money plays a role, as a student you don’t have that much money, but I hope that will change after my studies. Nina and the men The laughter is always nearby with Nina , but she wishes that people would see her serious side as well. Some things makes her really angry, rasism is one example. But lately she has learnt how to deal with her anger, to make it less present. – JI haven’t given up, she says quicklybut I have learnt to choose my discussions. You really can’t discuss with some people, she says. There is one little error with her serious side according to herself; – The men! By nature, I am a very flirty, Nina says without a doubt in her voice. ADAM LÖPPE

Nina Eriksen  

Portrait - Nina Eriksen at Kalix fhsk.

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