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We specialize in facilitating strategic partnerships throughout Indonesia and SE Asia. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Introduction LSI group is a well established organization in Indonesia that has maintained track of success in delivering quality advice to the business clients of different industries. We help our clients to promote their products and services. We provide investment support in Minning, Real estate, Agriculture, healthcare, education,infrastructure development and many more. Environment We support sustainable business to deliver long-term economic value. We bring people together to share their views on sustainability, are involved in research, and produce guidance for the wider business community on sustainability and corporate responsibility. Our goal is to develop better information to assess and enhance the contribution business is making to a sustainable world. Acting responsibly and with integrity is core to how we do business. Enterprise With business comes great responsibility, particularly in a developing country. We deliver our services as a trusted business advisor by developing our people to be responsible leaders who demonstrate our leadership as good corporate citizens. Whether we're driving a discussion about corporate responsibility in the marketplace or donating our time and skills to local communities, we're continuing our long history of doing business responsibly. Education Our education services provide assistance to students, faculty, schools and their communities to reach their full potential. We promote educational excellence by serving in a visionary leadership role to collaborate and facilitate improvement of school programs and services. Our areas of focus include Community Collaboration, Student Enrichment, Educational Technology, and Curriculum Services.

Service Areas The LSI Group has infrastructure projects in the areas of health care, education, warehousing, hotels and resorts, apartment complexes, residential developments, processing facilities, storage tanks, and raw land for new construction.

High Tech Warehouse Facilities Indonesia’s GDP has been increasing roughly 6% year after year. There is growing need for shipping and logistic services to fill the worlds growing consumption. The LSI Group is looking for partners to develop high tech warehousing facilities throughout the country. We currently have several strategic plots of land available for development. These locations are close to existing transportation infrastructure and will be in a prime location to serve the surrounding areas. Please contact us to learn more about our exceptional warehousing opportunities.

When doing any type of construction in Indonesia it is paramount to have a qualified local partner to assist you through the entire process. The LSI specializes in this area and can help your organization stream line the approval process as well as place you in the best possible light to be recognized and supported by the local people.

Sustainable Mining Solutions Mining can be a extremely destructive process although it does not have to be. By implementing industry best practices such as reforestation, improving logistics, waste material handeling and many other best practices the mined land can recover much faster. When it comes to mining the LSI Group uses a comprehensive screening process to identify entities with a positive track record and a solid foundation of corporate responsibility. LSI also assists our mining partners to in facilitating affective local outreach programs.

Service Areas The LSI works with both foreign and domestic mining organizations and investors to realize successful mining ventures. Currently we have several properties available representing a myriad of commodities for investment at all stages of development. For more information on the projects available please contact us. Some properties are currently operating while others are raw land. We also offer services relating to mining processes and efficiency procedures, workforce education and training, local PR efforts, environmental responsibility, and growth strategies. If your company is seeking capitalization, reputable Joint Venture partners, or to move product, our experienced international marketing and sales network can help your company reach its goals Corporate Bond Opportunities The Indonesian Corporate Bond market is small but growing. Foreign investors can participate in the market with no limit on the amount of issues they can buy. Bond issuance is limited primarily to domestic entities and this is where LSI can help. In particular we have been exploring the huge potential in high yield Medium Term Notes (MTN). This type of debt instrument creates a win win scenario for both the investor and project developer. MTN’s can play an integral part in funding Indonesia’s infrastructure development.

Service Areas The LSI Group offers decades of experience in innovative financing solutions. The LSI Group can help you identify creative funding options that may exist. We think outside of the box and use our expertise to help you leverage your projects in the most effective way. We are familiar with many types of financing strategies to help you grow. Our team will analyze your current financial positons and can recommend solutions to improve your organizations returns and leverage capabilities. Some of our services include bond issuance, insurance consulting, investor funding, joint venture arrangements, partnership development, and profitability consulting. Have a view of the work:

Education – offering distance learning programs and skills training.

Enterprise – facilitating international trade and infrastructure development

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