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“ Threadless is a community of people first. There may be new, fancy ways and ideas to Describe what were doing, but threadless 1 Really is just a giant group of friends Making cool designs.� Jake Nickell, Founder of Threadless

About us Threadless is a global t-shirt Phenomenon. We are one of Internet’s most creative and Vibrant Communities, with more than one million Members. You can submit deigns, talk on forums, blog, upload videos’ and check out the largest Election of T-shirt designs at Most of the items sells are T-shirts. Threadless releases 10 new designs each Monday and reprints more shirts throughout the week. Customers can request reprints of sold out designs on the Bring ‘Em Back page. The cost of a T-shirt is around $20. Styles include men’s tees and women’s tees, v-necks, scoop necks, and boat neck tees. Other clothing includes hoodies and tank tops.

Crazy Swamp by Bruice wats


Rubber Band Duel by Ben Chen


1. Happy Ever After by Lim Heng Swee 2. From Fire by Branko Ricov 3. Borealis by Robson Borges 4. Deliquesce by Joe Van Wetering 5. Here Comes the Airplane! by Robson Borges 6. Ka-Bloom by Richard Lee



A Banana Slipping on a Banana Peel by Andy Gonsalves



7. The Official Guide to Music by Lim Heng Swee 8. Space Boy by Jay Fleck 9. The Fox Confessor by Lindsey Carr

10. Poker Face by Enkel Dika 11. Peacock at Night by Trevor Mark Farnell Ede 12. Hitchin’ a Ride by Jay Fleck


Almighty’s by Andreas Krapf



A Hard Life by Alex Solis

13. Kill Monotony by Enkel Dika 14. 37 Celsius-98.6 Fahrenheit by Tomas De Santis 15. Recycled Tin by Alex Solis 16. My Childhood Fantasy by Ralph Pykee Lambaco 17. Bird Eye by Robson Borges 18. Watering (A Life Into Itself) by Budi Satria Kwan





Forgot to Study by justin white



19. Pessimistic or Optimistic? by Josh Perkins 20. Revenge Of The Radio by Pedro Josue Carvajal 21. Pandamonium by Ross Zietz 22. Bienvenido a Miami by Joseph Baum 23. Xylosaurus by Robson Borges 24. To The Sky by Yeoh Guan Hong


Score, comment on, and share your designs...or Threadless will poof off the face of the earth! It’s a T-shirt store, but that isn’t really the point. The important part is how the tees are chosen-by the threadless community. You submit a design, have it critiqued and voted on by fellow threadless members, and the T-shirts with the most support each week get printed. Simple, and awesomely successful.

Community Design Challenges Threadless community members are free to run their own design challenges on the Threadless forum. THREADWARS I, THREADWARS II, THREADWARS III, and THREADWARS IV are a series of Threadless community design challenges run by community member and Threadless Alumni alexmdc on the forum. Designers create a design based a theme chosen by the community, and the designs with the most comments and highest scores move to the next round. Prizing is provided by members of the community.

Threadless designs are created by and chosen by an online community. Each week, about 1,000 designs are submitted online and are put to a public vote. After seven days the staff reviews the top-scoring designs. Based on the average score and community feedback, about 10 designs are selected each week, printed on clothing and other products, and sold worldwide through the online store and at their retail store in Chicago. Designers whose work is printed receive $2,000 in cash and $500 in Threadless gift cards, which can be exchanged for $200 cash.[3] Each time a design is reprinted, the respective artist receives $500 cash. Threadless keeps rights to the design on clothing; designers keep the rights to heir designs on all other.

Go ahead Join are website today and become apart of the threadless community. We know you want to. Just join! Submit design buy a Tshirt, be inspired.

Threadless Tees Final Catalog  

Junior level Advertising Graphic Design Catalog Project.

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