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Messages to New Tessereans

The following letters, have been written to you. They are from those who have gone through Tessera before you. These people understand your desire for change, for a better life and this is the purpose of this work. To help you achieve the same kind of clarity and fulfillment that they have within the walls of Tessera. I am grateful to have you on board and hopefully, and clearly, you can see that you're not alone on this journey. Welcome to Tessera, Adam Keep in mind, these are NOT testimonials, they are letters to you.

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Have the mind of a beginner. Do not desire any outcome. Be in the moment and experience the moment. Release any goals you might have for Tessera. Be open to surprises and embrace them. I resisted and struggled but have reconnected to parts I have abandoned. Everything will be fine or even better Chuck KinCannon ___________________________________________ Hello To all of you. Firstly I would like to tell you what kind of man Adam is. He is committed, does his own work, loyal, available 'always' and has a deep desire to be of service. I got introduced to Adam and Tessera through be honest I did not have a clue what he was talking about in that first lecture. I do not know if I was not ready at that time or that the information was so out there I could not hear. I purchased Tessera based on faith. I could feel Adam's passion and joy and honesty. Well, what an adventure it turned out to be! I discovered so many buried biases, pre-judgements of what to 'expect' and most things meant and being totally off and so many unexplored or acknowledged feelings of fear, loss ...... however all that said it is a total discovery of ME and what I am capable of and that I am safe, deeply safe within me. Many many things have improved in my relationships, in my treatments (I am a RMT), as a teacher, as a friend, as a woman and I am kinder to myself and less harsh on me as well. All I can say is get out of your head and instead of trying to grasp or 'understand' or know where you are going with this course be open, curious, like a child and see/feel/know where this is a wonderful awesome 'movie' with so many surprises and for once trust, have faith and know that you don't always need to know....Tessera is a place of discovery and why not discover YOU????? Sincerely, LaLonnie Wood RMT

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___________________________________________ "Uncertainty is the fertile ground of pure creativity and freedom." - Deepak Chopra Gratitude and blessings with All, Carol ___________________________________________ In august of 2010,I was intrigued by someone Darius was going to have on his call. Never heard of him before. So, I decided to listen in, because I was intrigued. It was a call that touched my soul deeply, but to tell you the truth: I didn't understand ,what it was about. The only thing I knew that there was something so different in this call, that I felt that I had to be part of this new Tessera thing. The first call we had with Adam was like Chinese to me, but something inside told me that I was in the right place. When I listened to the first Tessera Mas audio, I was bewildered to put it mildly. I Wanted to understand and I didn't ,until I realized that there was nothing to understand. It was an experience like no other. When I let go looking for logic, then the shift started slowly. The music brought me to tears and changed something inside of me. I started to feel more confident, started to understand myself better, started to let go of trying to make sense. I realize now, that it's my journey and no one else's, so I don't compare myself to anyone but myself. Big relief. I am discovering parts of me, I didn't know existed, I feel at peace, I am writing articles after thinking, that I wouldn't be able to do it and I am enjoying it. It is a journey and I still have to fight my elephant and rider, but it's getting easier to get them into balance. Copyright 2011 Page | 4

There's still some things that go over my head, but I feel the changes in me and that's what matters. I am not trying to rationalize the process. Anyone who really wants to change at their core and who are willing to let go of their fears, their judgments and trust the process, even when you don't understand it completely, you are in for the most important real transformation of your life. Just plunge in and enjoy the process. It's worth it. Don't look for answers, let it happen. It's all good. Beatrix Jansen _______________________________________________ Bonnie Dear, This is just a note to give you a heads up on the “course” that you‟ve decided to indulge in. You won‟t be sorry, but you will be surprised; again and again! You‟ll realize that you don‟t know what you don‟t know! Yes, really! But what you do know will be like an old friend, cheering you on from behind the hedge you hadn‟t even noticed. You‟ll learn once again that you are unique, yet will be grateful that you are enough like everyone else that you, too, understand … in the end, anyway. You‟ll get in touch with the kid in you, the one that was hurt when a best friend said she‟d do something then didn‟t. Then, you‟ll realize that you are still that kid, still hurt when expectations aren‟t met. You‟ll find that it‟s been you jumping the gun your whole life!! Then you‟ll learn patience. Oh, joy! Yes, and that, too!

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You‟ll get to know Adam King and his family as if they were sharing a 20 ft. sail boat with you for the duration! Don‟t worry, though, you get to reveal just what you want to about yourself; just enough! You‟ll get creative as you‟ve never known you could be and that without any effort, too. You will mature so fast your head will swim only to turn to see that child again in the mirror in your very own TESSERA. Yes, Your very own! Just a clue, here: you‟ll probably use purple wisteria…just like I did! God, I love you, girl! You‟ll learn things you never wished to know and yet realize they come in handy at the most unexpected times when you scan for a reason for someone‟s behavior…or your own…and step back to reconsider. You‟ll validate yourself again and again and wonder how you ever lived without TESSERA and rejoice that you never have to leave it. I know you love adventures……….this is the real deal, Sweety. Love, yourself on the other side, Bonnie ___________________________________________ Hi Adam I come from a different perspective. I was looking for an experiential experience primarily and the wisdom second. Both are important but as I get bucket-loads of emails daily about selfimprovement and different methods of learning this, Tessera is the one that "spoke my language". The evocative imagery and music mean that I'm immediately absorbed and it's not hard work. I've been listening to binaural beats for a few years but it was great to have them Copyright 2011 Page | 6

integrated in the Tessera experience too. My expectation was to sit back and enjoy the ride - and thats what I did. I'm sure there will be new members who relate like I did and I hope they enjoy the experience as much as I did. Adam , because I'm studying counseling and the concepts are not as new as they might be for people starting with this thinking, it wasn't hard to get the ideas. Thanks again for all your hard work, Chandra ___________________________________________ Dear pre-Tesserean: I am writing to you because I remember those first days with Tessera, when I was full of doubt and uncertainty but boldly decided to give myself one more chance. By then, it was like walking through a dark tunnel, as I had done so many times before, every time when I tried to survive a life-threatening illness, when I was faced with challenging financial situations, when I changed my profession, when I started a new relationship, when I took part in a new personal development program, when I read a new book about life meaning and purpose‌ Same fears, same trepidations, same hopefulness‌ Now that I look back, I can tell you with certainty that this time it is different. This time, at the end of the tunnel, there will be light. Still, it is up to us if we want to see the light, if when we see the light, it is too much for us to receive it. Unlike any other experience I have had, Tessera actually helped me prepare myself to receive the light. So that when the time for the breakthrough came, I was ready. Awareness is actually the key. It is through awareness that I have regained my power. Although I knew that we all had power within, but as I grew older, I often forgot that I had this power in the first place and felt powerless in view of circumstances. The truth is that we can regain our power because it is the one thing that no one can take away from us if we do not let them. Now, comes the question, how? Copyright 2011 Page | 7

Tessera is not the answer. To me, it is not even a method. In my case, Tessera was a process, which provided me with the channels through which I could find my own answers to my own questions and purposes. In the end, I am still me; I do not need to change me or my ideas to be free. I donâ€&#x;t even have to revisit my past and suffer it through all over again in order to understand my own present and build my future, and if I did, it came naturally and it came effortlessly, almost painlessly. I am not required to give up anything. All I need is to be aware and then, make the best decisions that would favor my original purpose, to be who I really am. And this is what Tessera has done to me. This process might be a bit difficult at the beginning because it is not conventional. We are not familiar with it, so we tend to question its validity. But come to think about it, of all the most extraordinary undertakings in history, which was conventional? Have patience, because it took a long time for you to lose your power in the first place. So, have patience and make an effort to regain it. It could be faster than you ever imagine, and what youâ€&#x;d gain is beyond your wildest expectations. As a Tessera student myself, I can promise you that once you are aware and powerful again, you can NEVER go back to the old you, when you were scared and confused, not knowing what to do. You see, once you are an adult, is it possible for you to go back to be a feeble and helpless baby again, even if you want to? When I got Tessera, it was so easy that I did not believe it. Funny how we tend to think that good things are either difficult to get or must be expensive. But now I know that that is the first valuable lesson. My only advice to you is no matter how tired or sad you are, how incredible this all sounds, do not miss this opportunity. Do not give up on yourself, because Tessera is not going to give up on you. I cannot tell you in advance what Tessera really is, because I respect your experience, and I refuse to take that opportunity away from you. But I am excited for you and will be waiting for you at the end of the tunnel to welcome you together with a whole community of fellow Tessereans. You see, you are not alone, and I feel grateful every day in my life that I have met Adam King, for he is the first one to go through his tunnel by this process, created it for us, and has never wavered to guide us break through ours. Copyright 2011 Page | 8

Enjoy YOUR journey, Christina Chow ___________________________________________ May 4, 2011 The me before Tessera. It was fate that put me on the call during Adam King‟s presentation. I had been searching to find purpose in my life again. I had a wonderful career in the Medical Field, but one day I had a severe allergic reaction to a medication and was paralyzed for several months, had to fight every day to stay alive. So when Tessera came along I knew it was what I had been searching for. Tessera is not something you read out of a text book and follow along. Tessera to me is an experience that is different for each individual depending on what they are searching for. When I first started the Tessera program, I will admit I was very confused about what to expect, because every time I went through a new module, a whole flood of different emotions would surface. Finally, after wonderful coaching and support from Adam, and going through the modules many times, it hit me right upside the head. Actually, it was on one of Adam‟s calls that I had my breakthrough and it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I emailed Adam after the call and told him I felt like everything he said hit me right in my heart and my ego, and I guess that‟s what I needed to get me over the top of the mountain. Going through Tessera has been a blessing for me and I feel Tessera is something that everyone would benefit from. Thank you Adam King and a special thanks to Darius Barazandeh who made it possible for me to have access to Tessera. I look at my glass as half full now instead of half empty.

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Donna Navarrete ___________________________________________ Dear Future Tesserean, Tessera is not what you think. It gets you out of your comfort zone and stretches your mind. In fact, that was the very reason why I attracted Tessera into my life – I was thinking too much. Tessera is behind what you think. This is how you create the space for an awakening to take place. It is in this space – the world behind your thoughts that Tessera exists. Adam says, "A Shift in perspective will cure everything." When you stop analyzing, let go and surrender to the Tessera experience, your life will change on its own. That is the real breakthrough. Dr. Anna Michelle ___________________________________________ I have signed for Tessera the first time it was offered. Even after listening to the MAS audios a few times I noticed profound changes in the way I dealt with otherwise traumatic situations. What is even more amazing, the ones that seemed superfluous, and I wondered "why am I listening to that" proved the most valuable when some extremely difficult situations arose and helped me to handle them with grace and ease. Halina Baranowski ___________________________________________ I do not want to sound over dramatic for you future Tessereans. If you choose to take up the mantel and follow in the footstep of past Tessereans like myself you will be rewarded beyond your imagination and certainly beyond the minimal expense that is being asked of you. Here is a little information about myself so you can understand who is communicating with you. I am in my sixth decade of my life and have attended Copyright 2011 Page | 10

scores of retreats, seminars, self study courses and have read a jillion books on the areas of personal and spiritual development. I am formally educated holding a BS and an MBA; I have been licensed as a CPA, CDP and several others that I cannot remember. I thought knowledge would provide me with a secure and happy life. On the advice and gift of my beloved sister I signed up for the Tessera method conducted by Adam King. In the beginning I listened to what was being presented and kept asking myself what the heck was this about. Early on I did not understand where it was leading me and wondered whether I should continue putting in the time. What intrigued me was that it was different than anything I had been exposed to and on some level that I could not put my finger on I knew it was something I needed and would enjoy. Initially I was “Story Ported” to deep levels of my being that I did not understand. I describe “Story Porting” as that part of Tessera that like Scotty from the Enterprise beamed me to another dimension of understanding. Like the proverbial Trojan Horse the “Story Porting” bypassed my ever vigilant filters and I knew this „Story Porting” was advantageous due to the fact that I always felt uplifted and connected to a loving part of my being. I am delighted that I stuck with the process and eventually built my own Tessera, a promise that was made by Adam King somewhere in the process. My personal Tessera is a place I can go to using many of the musical anchors and the plethora of content that has been created by Adam Kind that puts me in what I call an enlightened space that allows me to see the codes, the elephant and the rider which all come to life during the Tessera Method process. You will personally come to meet and understand these three elements of yourself and see how they are all trying to do their best but often are at odds with your personal well being. Adam King is a gifted human on so many level of understanding and his music is part of my daily life. I have much of it on my IPod and can instantaneously use it to place me in my personal Tessera; while there I am able to more clearly see my life and solve many dilemmas and areas of consternation. Copyright 2011 Page | 11

The Tessera Method content and just as important if not more important the context of the Tessera Method are gifts that will be with me the rest of my life and I believe beyond this life as they are soul level tools. The Tessera Method has brought me insights into the constructs of my nature and provided tools to beneficially deal with them without the normal stress incurred for so many years. I believe like me you will find that the Tessera Method will be a gift in your life beyond measure. Good luck and may your “Story Porting� bring you understanding, enlightenment and be filled with the gifts I have found. Warm Intention and Regards, Bill Fields May 3rd 2011 ___________________________________________

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A Message to New Tessereans  

A Message to New Tessereans

A Message to New Tessereans  

A Message to New Tessereans