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uilding a stackable stockpile of drinkable water has never been easier. These collapsable 5 galllon units will last you up to 5 years. Thank you for choosing Emergency Zone!

This Kit Includes Water bags. 6 pack, 12 pack, or 24 pack. Light but strong for the heavy duties of long term water storage. Casing Boxes. 5 pack, 10 pack, or 20 pack. Double walled with 50lb edge crush test. Spigots. One for each water bag. Attaches permanently. AquamiraŽ Two Part Water Treatment. 3/4″ hose attachment and faucet to hose adapter set.

Assembling the Boxes Fold the bottom flaps in order of the numbers located on the flaps. Be sure to not bend any of the flaps, as this will compromise the strength of the bottom of the box. Push the last flap down until past the other flaps. When you reach the fourth flap, avoid bending it by pressing all the flaps down at once to secure it under the first.

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To Fill Your Water Bags The hose is set up to attach to either a 3/4″ spigot (like an outdoor garden house spigot) or a kitchen or bathroom faucet once the aerator is removed. The faucet adapter connects to the kitchen or bathroom faucet and converts the end to a male 3/4″ hose fitting. If attaching to an outdoor 3/4″ spigot, simply screw the black hose attachment directly onto the spigot, setting aside the other adapter components.

If attaching to a kitchen or bathroom sink, first remove aerator from faucet. You will likely need pliers.


inside threading metal adapter

black hose attachment

Put the rubber o-ring(s) on the metal adapter and screw it in. If the faucet is threaded on the inside, you will need both o-rings. Otherwise, only use the thinner of the two. You may now attach a 5/8″ inner diameter hose with black plastic adapter (included) or a garden hose.

threaded extension metal adapter spigot opening

Place a bag into the box so the opening is adjacent to the spigot opening on the top box flap (once filled with water, you may not be able to adjust the placement of the bag in the box). Insert hose and begin filling. Be careful to not spill water. Moisture on the box will reduce its strength for stacking.


See labeling for full instructions and warnings

Add 1 teaspoon each of Part A and Part B to a separate cup and allow to react for 5 minutes. Add mixture to the 5 gallons of water in your water bag.

Insert the spigot into the water bag opening to tightly seal. Spigot will not detach once attached. Tape the top of the box. It is best to keep the spigot inside the box until time to use the water

Storage and Usage Store boxes in a cool dry area. Moisture will weaken the boxes. Do not store directly on concrete. Stack the boxes 2 high. It is best to stack the boxes upright rather than on their side. Secure the boxes in place so they will not fall. Keep away from children or pets who could be injured if the boxes fall or are pulled over. Water is good for up to 5 years To use the water. Open the box so the spigot is protruding outside of the box through the opening in the flap. Lay the box on its side with the spigot facing downwards. Remove the red tab from the spigot. Squeeze the spigot between the thumb and fingers to start water flowing. CAUTION: KEEP CHILDREN AND PETS AWAY FROM STACKED BOXES TO AVOID CRUSH INJURIES. STORE WATER IN A COOL, DRY PLACE. CHANGE WATER YEARLY (OR EVERY 5 YEARS IF WATER TREATMENT IS USED. FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS AS LABELED FOR USE OF WATER TREATMENT.


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