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Cover versions PresenTeD By the infamous blogg deep

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Cover Versions is a collection of type pieces inspired by hip hop lyrics and the accompanying album cover art. The project started off as a way to create artwork that would eventually be framed to decorate my wall. Cover Versions quickly took on a life of its own and resulted in a number of type pieces with illustrations of rappers to go along with them. The following pages showcase my seven favourite pieces.

Lyric By Raekwon Wu-Tang Clan From Can It All Be So Simple 36 chambers 1993 PROD. RZA

Makin’ a tape now Rae gotta get a plate now Ignorant & mad young Wanted to be the one Till I got (blaow! bloaw! bloaw!) felt one

Lyric By ice cube N.W.A From fuck tha police straight outta compton 1988 PROD. dr. dre & Dj yella

fuckin’ with me ‘cos im a teenager with a little bit of gold and a pager searching my car, lookin’ for product Thinkin’ every nigga is sellin’ narcotics

Lyric By posdnuos de la soul From stakes is high stakes is high 1996 PROD. j dilla

migrating to a higher form of consequence, compliments of strugglin’, that shouldn’t be notable man every word i say should be a hip hop quotable

Lyric By ChuCk d PuBLic enemy From burn hollywood burn fear of a blaCk planet 1990 ProD. the bomb squad

buRn, hollywood buRn i smell a riot goin’ on! fiRst they’Re guilty, now they’Re gone yeah i’ll check out a Movie but it’ll take a black one to Move Me





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Lyric By erick sermon epmd From i’m housin’ strictly business 1988 PROD. epmd

this is the year where the jokers are wild When a fag can’t hack it and try to bite the style I get hip to the scheme before it happens If it gets wild, then I start cappin’

Lyric By mf doom From hoe cakes mm... food 2004 PROD. mf doom

keep ya hoes in check! I got this girl and she wants me to duke her I told her I’d come scoop her around 8, she said “Super!”

Lyric By danny brown From monopoly xxx 2011 PROD. quelle

irritated when i’m not sedated fuck her face, like i was obligated YA still fuckin’ wit’ them freak hoes stank pussy smellin’ like cool ranch doritos

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