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A new range of anti fungal agents for dandruff treatment

Dandruff has been known as a recurring problem in most of the adults. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, this problem will always sit on your head. A lot has been researched over this problem and finally scientists have found better alternatives to cure and prevent it. A significant development has been marked by Claudiu T. Supuran to work upon the fungus that causes dandruff. He explained that dandruff is shedding of dead cells from the scalp. Typically the life of cells on your scalp is 30 days. This means that a cell is discarded after 30 days from the surface. Well, this is about people without dandruff and people who suffer from this ailment have a shorter cell life. The range of life of scalp cells in such people is 2-7 days. Malassezia globosa is the fungus which can be blamed as one of the major causes of dandruff. Anti-dandruff shampoos have anti-fungal agents which help in removing the fungus. The team explained that better agents are needed to effectively prevent and cure dandruff. Scientists have found the essential enzyme needed for growth of Malassezia globosa. Ketoconazole is one of the most commonly used chemical for dandruff treatment but an existing family of anti-fungal agents called sulfonamides can be more effective to get rid of dandruff fast. This family of chemicals works by removing the essential enzyme for fungal growth. Tests have shown promising aspects of this new treatment. It can be predicted that in near future the problem of dandruff could be easily treated for long term. All the treatments available today might work if it suits your skin but one can’t guarantee that it would work for everyone. This fungus also has an ability to move to other people with contact hence it becomes even harder to work on. So, this leaves us with no escape but to work out a guaranteed cure for it. Recently the DNA code abnormality which causes cancer has also been found. To get more information on the problem of dandruff and its cure log on to

Dandruff Treatments  

There are different kinds of dandruff treatments available with which you can get relief from dandruff and curb to a satisfying level. These...

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