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Paint Manufacturing – How is it Done? There are many different reasons why paint is used every day, this includes decorative purposes, flame protection, water sealing and sanitation; depending on the properties and purpose of the paint being used. Four key components make up paint. What is Paint made from? - Pigments, control the colour and the finish of the paint when dry. There are two different types of pigment: Prime pigments: includes shades of white (made from Titanium Oxide), yellow, green and red. The Extender Pigments: This set of pigments includes compounds including Calcium Carbonate, Talc, Mica, and Barium Sulphates amongst others. Resin: the binders are used to the surface that you are painting upon application, this is because of their cohesive and adhesive properties. Acrylic Emulsion polymers are used in most paints. PVA is used in cheaper paints to formulate them with cheaper overheads. Polysiloxane and Urethane are used withing paint to help to provide a protective coating. Solvent: The solvent can be organic (mineral) or water based. Act as a carrier for the pigment and resin, this helps with the application and distribution of the paint. Additives: By using additives properties can be given to the paint, including; resistance to mould and scuffing, quicker drying times and make the paint itself easier to handle during application.

Manufacturing the Paint Making sure that the accurate amount of each ingredient is added is the first step in manufacturing the paint. There are many different things that need to be taken into account, including; the colour that you want, the finish and the amount of paint that you want to use. To make sure that the paint works well, you need to make sure that all the measurements of all the ingredients need to be very accurate. The colour could be patchy, as the pigments stick together, however this can be stopped. The resin helps give a smooth colour to the paint as it breaks down the clumps of colour. After the paint manufacturing process the additives added then prevent any further separation. As well as using resins and additives manufacturing companies use high speed mixers to ensure complete mixing of the paint.

Paint manufacturing  

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