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DEVELOPMENT VISION DOCUMENT Determining the look and feel of the Ventanas al Valle Community. A visual exploration with pictures.

By Adam Greenfader 1

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Intro: Goal of Creating a Dynamic Vision Competition Key Psychographics Award Winning Community Visions 1. 2. 3.

Los Trobadores Fichu Metro-Vista

Concluding Remarks & Phase II 2

Our Goal In a crowded market area such as the Caguas region, the key to Ventanas al Valle’s success is product differentiation. Our goal is to establish a coherent vision and style for the Ventanas Al Valle project.

AXYON’s core objective is to develop a highly focused product differentiation strategy ” a vision that will set Ventanas al Valle apart from the competing developments in this market. This vision will be developed in two phases; phase 1 establishing a look, phase 2 building out the detail library.


Competition There are presently eight (8) walk-up projects in the Caguas market region, as well as another four proposed developments that are in the design and/or planning phase. A typical 3 bedroom / 2bath. walk-up apartments has an average sales price of $147,000 with an average size of 1,300 square feet. Penthouse units in these developments average a sales price of $179,000 with and an average of 1,930 square feet.


Paseo las Catalinas



Valle Santa Cecilia


Vista del valle


Paseo Gales


Los Pinos


Caminos del Bosque


Vista Real II $20,000

Los Prados $0 1


Key Psychographics Come from? Age ? Gender? Marital status? Children? Buying Cycle? Years of impact? Preferred music? Clothing Type ? Era?

60% Caguas Area 25% San Juan 15% Other 60% 35-45 yrs. 15% 25-30 yrs. 65% female 45% male 60% single 40% married 65% yes 35% no 40% Move-Up 60 1st home 80’s generation and late 70’s 60% soft rock and & disco some techno/tranz Trendy, Conservative 15% Hippie 60% Technological 25% Generation X


Vision 1

Old San Juan Psychographics - Security, ‚our culture‛, Spanish class, an tight knit community, solid, built to last. W.I.F.M. ” ‚Caguas should be the center, many good moments in the Old City, Madre Patria‛

Key Symbols - El Morro, cobblestone streets, Garitas, bright colors, balconies. 6

Building Facades

BUILDING FACADES Apartment: Rustic yet modern window treatments with emphasis on balconies for Views Oxidized iron detailing Pavers simulating Cobblestone


MAIN ENTRANCE Entrance of clusters: Simulating squares of Old San Juan with benches, tables, and palm trees Names for clusters, streets and facilities: San Sebastion, La Luna, Ponce de Leon, Columbus Dress Code: Retro 15th century Spanish military Signage: Tiles in cement plaster


RECREATIONAL FACILITIES A versatile community building or ‘town hall’, would add real value to the development.


INTERIORS Modern Space design with emphasis on ‚rustic‛. Tiles: Ceramic Tiles with texture Kitchen Cabinets: Light Oak Bathrooms: Spanish style tiles on walls Exterior Doors: pattern molding Windows: cross patterns.


Vision 2

THE CITY Psychographics ” modern, a place for top people, ‚If you can make it there..‛ W.I.F.M. ” ‚Caguas is the center, I have been to NYC, working for a living, all the luxury of NYC apt. Key Symbols ” Central Park, bridges, Yankees, brownstones.


Main Entrance Controlled Accessed Entrance: Simulated bridge before entrance Downtown The Guard and Sales person: The uniforms are emulate NYC police Signage: 1920’s Broadway type. The same style NYC uses

‚Where the metro and vista come together ‚ 12

BUIDING FACADES Architecture: Modern architecture meets classic brownstone The Elevator is the jewel (Windows to the world)

Names for clusters, streets and facilities: Central Park, Grand Central Broadway, Downtown 13


•Modern Interiors and lots of technology showcase this Metro Vista Apartment

•Variations of white colors •Glass & Chrome details •Advanced Intelligent-home •Technology in apartments



Water elements bring peace and recreation to a busy lifestyle.

It all comes together at Central Park‌ Clean and manicured Oak trees line walking trails and open fields for play 15

FichuVision 3

South Beach Psychographics ” modern, a place for sexy Latin people, hip, trendy, and fast paced, style is key. W.I.F.M. ” ‚my second home‛, looking good is important, south beach is my oasis, I am a trend setter. Key Symbols ” art deco, fashion, the


Main Entrance & Security Guard Houses The Entrance is a 1920’s retro movie theatre, ‚Fichu is where your life is full entertainment‛. Lots of pastel colors, rounded architecture, and Palm trees The Guard and Sales person: The uniforms are playful Summer attire ” white reflective of cabana boys uniform) Signage: Exciting action oriented typography painted brightly Neon.


Building Facade

Building / Facilities: South Beach Style with lots of rounded architecture Murals to be used as accent points.

Names for clusters, streets and facilities: Villa Valentino Villa Armani Villa Nono Maldonado


Details “Square lamps “Ornamental Grid Iron work “Light Colors - Pastels


Building Interiors

“Square Kitchen cabinets “Large windows “Unique lighting


Pool area “Rounded cement elements “around pool area “Gym with full spa facilities “Beach volleyball “Tanning salon, “Fruit bar “Pink flamingo statutes


Vision Document Presentation  
Vision Document Presentation  

A visula exploration of 3 different "looks and fee"l for a residential community design.