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Before coming to MADRID IOA You have made your choice to be from health care services in a holiday and you have decided to come to Madrid. Now, before buying your ticket and boarding an airplane let smake sure we ve covered everything! • Don´t forget that you also have the opportunity to spend a lovely holiday in Madrid while receiving eye treatment. Get your camera ready to capture the citys spectacular nature and historical attractions. There will be so many moments that you will like to inmortalize by clicking the shutter button. • Come along with a loved one or friends, instead of enjoying these moments by yourself. Experience the city together, and draw strength from your companion during the treat ment. • The weather in Madrid doesn´t get to cold even in the winter. The average temperature during the winter monthsisaround 12 degrees Celsius. Please check the weather forecast before your departure and ensure that you bring suitable clothing.

• All hot els in Madrid will provide you with the comfort and convenience you are looking for at reasonable prices. You will not have any di culty when choosing a hotel. There are many comfortable and a ordable hotels nearby. Also for your comfort, we closely work with a reputable Corporate Travel Agency that will be able to assist you in your travel arrangements. • Carefully discussall your details with our travel agent to ensure everything is in order. • Inform you local physician about your upcoming visit. Consider his/her advice about your selection of the hospital and doctor. • Research thoroughly when choosing your hospital and doctor. • Have all the information available about your medical history. • Inform your physician about your medical history after you arrive in Madrid. • Don´t forget that your maximum stay in Madrid as a tourist is 3 months.

WHY MADRID? • Even during the winter months, the weat her in Madrid is comfort able. This makes a pleasant environment for those arriving for treatment and for holidays, something unheard of in many other cities. • Madrid is a highly preferred destination for its geographical proximity to many countries. • It is easy accessible by air sea and land. There are direct ights to Madrid from many international cities. As soon as the patient arrives in the city he will have access to WorldClass facilities and opportunities where their every need will be met. Luxurious and modern hotels, well-equipped hospitals, specialized and agency represent atives will be at you service. • Tourist coming for medical tourim will have many price advantages. • The high cost of health expenditures in many countries compels patients to come to Madrid. Here, it ispossible to access health care services for one-half or onethird of the prices quoted in other European Countries.

• You will receive high quality eye care and you won´t be surprised that you will still have money left to spend in the rest of your holiday. • Our doctord and sta speak foreign languages for your comfort and they are available to you in case that any potential situations that can arise in communication. • The rich history of Madrid, spectacular nature, modern tourist facilities and nearby historical cities creates endless and memorable opprtunities before, during and after the treat ment process. • The easing of Visa requirements particularly with middle eastern countries and steadily developing political and cultural relations has led to a increase in the numbers of visitors from these countries. • Long waiting lists and trearment processes in many countries compel foreigners to seek treatment in Madrid. • Our cliniciscon stantly audited by independent accreditations bodies and is equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment and well accredited physicians.

SEE WELL IS LIVING BETTER Dr. Francisco Poyales and his team, have cured thousand of patient date and have given Madrid a reputation in the eld of Ophthalmology. Coming from a third generation of Ophthalmologists. We are a multidisciplinary Clinic focused in Pathologies related to the human eye. Some of the procedures we have great experience on are: • Cataract Surgery (Monofocal, Toric, Multifocal) • Refractive Surgery (Epilasik, Lasik, Relex, Presbyon) • ICL, IOL (High Myopias when Lasik is not indicated) • Corneal Transplant Surgery • Glaucoma Surgery • Trabeculectomy • Retina Surgery • Vitrectomy Surgery • Oculoplastic and Lacrimal Surgeries • Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty • Dacryocystorhinostomy (Lacrimal Obstruction)

We have years of experience and we work with the most advanced technology in the world. It is relevant to mention that we are ISO 9001 Certi ed and we are currently undergoing The American Joint Commission Accreditation. We are also members of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, American Societ of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, European Society of Cornea Transplants among many others.

We proactively encourage R+D (Research and development) and we constantly help major laboratories by participating in studies in order to develop leading technologies. We are pioneers in Europe in many techniques, being the latest ReLex Smile. It´s the latest microsurgery procedure available to correct visual defects. MULTILIGUAL WEBSITE

OCULAR AESTHETICS • EUt as vel eatium cuptatur? Quibusamus aut adigenecus aut quo eaquundel iumendis et od magnis eum eat ilicabo riaecesti im quod ut unt verundant, quia qui derum volore endaersped modici sum fuga. Utatatu ribero quodias et quae. Et aligenet la numquam, consentur, sectat faccus, cullendisi ipsuntur alition est lit exceptures ea exceaquo est, volut quo mod enecuptae quata volectas namet anducit, ipsum ab ipsum harchil ea net es et et ut dolupta qui quatem alictae ommod qui dollate stenti velit quia conem consequi omni apidell andicie ndusant adictecabo. Ut incias conecae necabor ehenisitaes vel iuri venimil eaqui ad ut harum qui nobis etur, num, il estinctat eaquide lendeli ciaepudam fuga. Et ex et et pra volupid que con nem. Ut aut ium quia ex excerspis molorum lab id et voloritis eic te ipsant, tendaecus sitat quost, sim quae estenti umquam haribus et ent, in earum, solore venet ulpa quas que volore aut expernam ut porpor maiorum, coriam ratem venis ditate nihicae nossi occus autem as consed essinti andicil iquibus, omnis es ex eratem sunt que eliquunti conse et volluptatem qui velessed quunt voluptatquam aliqui id moloriberion ent estisim id quae sus aut resequi ut aut mos et iunt earum rem sedi apicil ma cuptatur, tem.

Frequently asked QUESTIONS How do i make an appointment with the IOA? You can contact our International Department by phone, e-mail, website o fax. Phone: +34915353570 Fax: +34915359143 mail: When scheduling a medical appointment what information should I provide? You should provide personal information such as you full name as written in your ID, permanent address and telephone number, date of birth and preferred date of appointment. What kind of documents and health records do I need to provide? You should provide all information available relate to your medical condition, including X-rays, test results, medical history and medication that you are presently using. Don´t forget to bring contact information and letter of referral of your physician.

Does your clinic have international accreditations? We are ISO 9002 certi ed and we are currently undergoing the Accreditation Process for the American Joint Commission. Both of them are dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of the patient and persuing excellence in health. I don´t speak any Spanish. Will I have any communication problems? Madrid is a well renowned tourism centre where many languages are spoken. Almost all Doctorsin the IOA speak English however in the need arises our International Department can provide you with translation services. We have speakers uent in: English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Russian, French. Can a person join me during my medical treatment in Madrid? Where can we stay? Absolutely, actually we encourage doing so. There are hotels within walking distance of our Clinic and we also have a reputable Corporate Travel Agency available to help you make any travel arrangements you deem necessary, Ask for our preferred rates.

How do I travel to Madrid? Madrid is a major tourism destination that has an extensive network of direct flights and connections. International flights are available with several frequencies per day to and from Europe, Russia, America, Middle East, etc. Do I need a VISA when travelling to Spain? You many all necessary information about VISA requirements at the website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign A airs. regimen-general-189/entrada-requisitos-ycondiciones-198.

Tel.: 91 535 35 70 • Fax: 91 535 91 43 Galileo, 104 • 28003 Madrid

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