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The Story So Far As a results focussed consultancy we are passionate about high level creative and delivering best in class communication, that matches our clients objectives making a key difference to their bottom line. Established in 2004, Wemakedesign was founded with the intention of focussing on identity and brand creation for small to medium sized businesses. The core focus always being to translate complex business solutions into effective, compelling and simple brand design solutions. Since then, we’ve worked with clients large and small from emerging new enterprises to global corporations, helping them with their communication challenges through creative thinking, strategy and experience. Our vision today is to combine our global expertise to create a best in class brand communications consultancy with a strategic, naming and brand identity focus.


Wemakedesign have a reputation for being able to combine extensive market research, strategic thinking and award winning design to create tangible long term results. With a core focus on strategic business intent, building brand platforms and focussed brand expression, we have the experience, ability and connections to realise brands in any channel, from packaging to print, mobile to motion, internal engagement to external advertising.

“Wemakedesign has gone way beyond the call of duty in designing our new logo, it’s clear, crisp, vibrant and all embracing and says what we wanted it to say about the work we do – creating positive futures for young vulnerable people. I can’t recommend them too highly.”

Bringing to life a brand’s story is what we do best. Digging deep to find its individuality, engaging hearts and minds with a perfectly crafted design idea.

Jon Snow Journalist/Broadcaster and Chairman of New Horizon Youth Centre



The Team Nik Dillon, B Des; MIDI Creative Partner Nik has 20 years design consultancy experience based in Ireland, the UK and Australia, bringing a proven knowledge of creative, strategy, vision, communication and management for national and global brands. Over the last 10 years, her client list includes Aldi Ireland, Brian O’Driscoll, Colortrend, Coman’s Drinks, CRH Group, Eumom, Johnston Mooney & O’Brien, Naturalife, Remax Auctioneers and Unilever. She also particularly enjoys working with emerging new businesses building brands and facilitating innovation. M 087 643 2829


Nik’s work has been awarded numerous accolades (ICAD, GDBA, EULDA, MADC), and has been published in numerous design books. Nik has a 2.1 BDes in Visual Communication from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin and is a member of the IDI.

General Experience Nik has extensive experience in developing high level strategic creative, naming and brand creation for clients both local and global. She has previously been at management level at various agencies globally winning awards and working with key clients such as An Post, Bank of Ireland, Diageo, Eircom, Kodak, Pfizer, P&O Events, Shell and Tennis Australia to name a few. This included 2 years in Australia where she was Creative Director for Wellmark, a pharmaceuticals group in Melbourne. As well as driving the creative, she was an active member of the management team. She also previously worked as Senior Designer with the Brand Union Dublin, a global brand agency. Here she led a design team in the creation, implementation and management of corporate and brand identity work and guidelines for national and global clients. Nik started her career in Ideas Factory, London where she spent 3.5 years before moving back to Dublin to work with agencies such as Designworks, Acrobat and Huguenot.



Adam Gallacher, B Des; D&AD Creative Partner Adam has 17 years experience in Ireland and Australia for a number of highly respected agencies, gaining extensive experience in brand development, FMCG, branded environment and consultancy. Adam’s work and outlook has achieved highly regarded recognition amongst his piers and has been published in numerous design books and annuals including the UK’s D&AD, Creative Review and Graphics International. Adam holds a 2.1 B.Des in Visual Communication from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. M 087 643 3094


General Experience Adam has worked with Australian branding giants Cato Purnell Partners, the Brand Union Dublin, Zero-G, Image Now and Huguenot before joining Wemakedesign in 2013. He has extensive experience in brand creation, strategy, brand identity, naming and brand guidelines for a wide selection of national and international clients. Adam has worked as the lead creative on several large scale branding projects including BenQ (the worlds largest electronics company), Qantas, Eircom, Hewlett Packard, SSP the Food Travel Experts, and Ulster Bank to name a few. He particularly enjoyed rebranding Safair (South African airline). The new Safair identity was rolled out across all applications including print, digital, aircraft livery, signage and comprehensive guidelines. Recently, Adam has been the lead brand guardian for mobile giant Digicel, helping guide, evolve and shape the brand across all divisions – media, sponsorship and business to each local market spanning over 32 plus territories from Asia to South America.



Select Clients We have worked for clients as diverse as Queen Rania of Jordan on a children’s initiative; with Channel 4 newsreader Jon Snow building a brand for New Horizon Youth Centre and launching Canopi, an innovative Irish fashion brand locally in Ireland’s largest department stores (BT’s & Arnotts) and in markets as varying as Russia, Norway, Israel and Netherlands. We are currently working with the Dublin Whiskey Company to assist them in establishing and positioning their brand, its product ranges, branded environment and visitor experience in Dublin’s Liberties.



Acuman Facilities Management

Ikon Talent Management



Aldi Ireland

Johnston Mooney & O’Brien


John’s Meat Company

Attention to Detail

Live Life

BLG Chartered Accountants

Local Enterprise Office Fingal



Cara Croí

Naturalife Health

Citadel Corporate Finance

Need More Space


New Horizon Youth Centre

Other current projects include the rebranding & repositioning of Seapoint Clinic to Seapoint Dental Care; the rebranding & renaming of Need More Space, a market leader in self storage and building an emerging new beauty brand Akara, which recently launched in Asia. This work to date has encompassed strategy, naming, identity creation, packaging for 11 launch collections, advertising, exhibition design and marketing collateral.



CRH Group

Remax Auctioneers

Cruickshank IP Attorneys

Paula Mee

Crothers Security

Rathdown School

Darcon Property Development

Rathmines Clinic

Delicious Caffé

Seapoint Dental Care

Dublin Whiskey Company

Strategem iLabs


Textiles by Naoimh

Food & You


Fund My Society


Note: Clients in bold above have also recently being named by wemakedesign



Our Approach Our approach is collaborative and our first step will always be to fully familiarise with the project in question and form a close working relationship with the team. Our experience in developing high level creative and brand identity driven projects for both corporate and consumer focussed brands ensure that we have an efficient process in place, one that provides a valuable framework for the brand to meet its goals. It’s simple and strong; one that delivers and is divided into three stages: – Analyse – Create – Communicate


“We really enjoyed working with Wemakedesign. Their approach is both thorough and collaborative – they listened, challenged and inspired throughout the process. The result is an innovative empowering identity that truly reflects our company and creates instant recognition for Ikon. We will continue to recommend them.” Brian O’Driscoll Ikon Talent Management



Our Process Analyse



The deeper our understanding of the elements that come together that make you a success, the better the result can be. We ensure we understand and unearth your ‘why’.

The act of brand expression that inspires people to think, to feel or act in a certain way.

Where it all comes together. Communicating your brand identity across a range of different touchpoints both on & offline.

This stage will allow us to gain a clear perspective on the opportunities and challenges of creating a brand identity within its category, ensuring that we deliver an effective compelling brand in an efficient and effective manner. We would then build upon this foundation of knowledge to create a brand platform that everything else would be built upon. This sets the framework for the brand that will allow it to meet its goals. - Brand Understanding - Brand Review - Meet & get to know the team - Market Research & Analysis - Identify Benchmarks Development of Brand Model - Core Proposition & Positioning - Creation/Development of Brand Values - Naming (if required) - Creation of strapline (if required) - Ideas Generation - Style & Tone of Voice


The creative, the communication must emerge from what we have learned and what has been defined, it must be thoughtful, engaging and resonate with you and your target audience. This stage would typically involve the broad exploration and development of core creative routes and shown in application on identified key items, in order to assist in the evaluation of a final route. Core Brand Identity - Logotype - Mark Visual Language - Typography - Colour palette - House Style - Illustration/Iconography - Image style - Visualisation to key collateral Design Development - Agreement & refinement of definitive final identity, brand framework, tone of voice

Bringing the brand to life. Applying the core identity and visual language across various brand channels, projecting a cohesive and integrated approach across both print and digital platforms. We have the experience and credentials to manage any implementation obstacles or challenges that may occur in bringing a brand to life. - Administrative Communications - Printed Communications - Branded Environment - Digital Communications - Staff Engagement - Brand Guidelines

A Small Sample A Selection of Recent Work

01 Stationery 02 Web Design 03 Editorial Design 04 Pregnancy Diary



Eumom Rebranding Ireland’s Largest Parenting Community Eumom is Ireland’s leading parenting community. A brand with unrivalled history, multiple channels and a widespread diverse audience. 13 years since its inception, with competition on the increase, the brand needed to be re-examined, repositioned and redefined. From the very beginning, we set about getting to the heart of the brand, communicating eumom’s core focus of being intrinsic to family life, connecting and engaging with today’s generation of modern busy moms. 02


05 Brand Guidelines 05

Brand Idea

Our Values

Identity visual

The raw materials that make us what we are. Our values are the bedrock of our business and represent our attitudes and core beliefs. They control the consistency of our brand message, both internally and externally.






We act as a platform for moms seeking reassurance, trust and expertise in all things parenting.

We are all about looking ahead and seizing opportunities that make our community better for moms.

We provide a deep layer of support and empathy.

We have the right mix of people, with the right mix of skills and experience.

Enriching our moms lives in every way possible is what we do.

We actively encourage our moms to be the women they aspire to be, by providing a platform of support, education, encouragement and empathy.

The work we do has real purpose. We were founded in a spirit of entrepreneurial endeavour. We are naturally proactive in seeking new challenges, risks and opportunities to build Eumom as Ireland’s truly leading parenting community.

We enable all channels of communication personalised to our moms stages, allowing them to make informed choices, achieving their own personal success, providing connections and support every step of their journey.

In challenging times and competitive markets we have the understanding and know-how to help build our clients brands, by creating a brand that is 1st for parenting, 1st for moms.

Providing the very best support and empathy to our moms, our clients and the wider community is what we’re here for. responding to their needs, driving new initiatives, engaging and connecting, we are an active participant on the journey that is parenting. Our team includes both experts and moms, so we share a deep emotional understanding of our audience, their difficulties and challenges.

We have the right mix of people, with the right mix of skills and experience to guide and assist our moms all of the time. We seek to use our expertise to guide and build our moms continuous health and happiness, through assisting and supporting them in being the moms they aspire to be every step of the way.

Our brand identity is the visual expression of the brand. It has been created through the use of a set of visual building blocks. When combined, as illustrated in these guidelines, these blocks create a unique house style for all of eumoms communications.

We truly care for the wellbeing of our moms by putting a strong emphasis on sourcing & combining the very best expertise, inspiration and aspiration which soothes, supports and reassures.


Brand Idea

We do more than offer advice. We nourish the soul. It’s more than just a parenting community, its our friendliness, our attitude, our warmth, our need to look after you. It’s the atmosphere, the experience and of course we’re local.

eumom Brand Guidelines

Our Story

At eumom, we believe the best part of parenting is celebrating memorable moments together. From big announcements, to joyful arrivals, from first steps to first days of school, we are here for you.

Everybody has a story to tell. Here’s ours:

Join us to share your story, give and seek advice, spread some happiness, receive many tips and ideas or simply connect with lots of other moms.

It should be used to communicate directly with our moms on key printed or digital communications or simply in conversation.

Like any friend, we are always there for you, from 3 in the morning when the night is long, to 3 in the afternoon when the day is lonely. We put our heart and soul into providing the very best support and advice that naturally benefits everyone. Like every mother, we are here for the long haul, on the journey, growing, laughing, listening, we are for moms.

Moms are our core focus

Our story assists in creating a common understanding of our brand. It harnesses and focusses, the pride, passion and energy of everyone at eumom. It communicates our brand values and above all it communicates a real connection with moms of today. It should be used as a simple tool in creating a common understanding of our brand and can appear on key communication pieces eg. website & nurture magazine.


eumom Brand Guidelines 10

visual Identity



A revitalised flexible identity was created to communicate a brand that is real, alive and full of warmth to reflect a community that is ‘first for parenting, first for moms’. From iconography to internal engagement, graphics to guidelines, Eumom now has a brand built for substantial growth.

Mark (Contd.)

Logotype The logotype may be used on its own when space is restricted or when the butterfly icon needs maximum impact.


Butterfly Icon The butterfly can truly connect and engage through its playful character and personality and through using one of its five variants as there is flexibility at the heart of our identity. An active brand that is truly alive. The butterfly should be used singularly. It can be used large for maximum impact or small & playful.

visual Identity


Illustration and iconography is a great way to add depth, clarity and conviction to communications both on and offline.

B u T T E R f Ly I C O N


eumom Brand Guidelines

S I N G L E C O LO u R O u T L I N E ( f u L L S E T )

Iconography A warm, friendly and accessible style has being created for eumoms iconography. The content portrays various stages throughout lifestages. A full set together with a set of our 7 parenting categories has been created. Icons should be used appropriately to:

Please refer to examples in action for a demonstration.

B u T T E R f Ly VA R I A N T S


• Add clarity and conviction • Accommodate parenting categories • Accommodate features/articles • Communicate our values • Communicate our tone of voice

C I R C u L A R h O L D I N G D E V I C E ( P R I M A R y O R S E C O N DA Ry C O LO u R S )

Usage Our icons are flexible and can be used as single colour outline; in a circular holding device in eumom’s raspberry red or secondary colour palette. All of which are demonstrated here.


Please Note They should always appear as outlned – they should never appear as solid shapes.



eumom Brand Guidelines


eumom Brand Guidelines






Sc[][a aS`dWQSa

Dublin Whiskey Company Reviving a legacy Making history Creating a new brand

01 Illustration 02 Identity 03 Brochure 04 Spread 05 Cover



DWC Reviving a legacy Making history Creating a new brand The Dublin Whiskey Company (a working distillery) is reviving a legacy that goes back many generations and is also innovating and creating a bright new future for Dublin Whiskey. Having spent most of 2013 working with them in terms of creating & building their brand (strategy, naming, identity & marketing collateral) ultimately our challenge is to bring a company that is located in an area (Dublin’s Liberties) steeped in brewing & distilling history and heritage into today’s marketplace. 02



01 Website 02 Stationery 03 Values 04 Typeface 01


Following an indepth strategy & naming process, we created a flexible identity system, a hand crafted custom made typeface and a library of illustrations for the brand. All tools created with the core aim of marrying the old with the new – The typeface is based on type found on old whiskey casks & created to reflect a human hand; the illustrations together with the brand story enable us to share their special journey and to bring to life their promise of ‘Warmth Within’. Raise your glass in toasting an exciting new company. It promises to be a very enjoyable experience and so far we are loving the journey! 02


Naturalife Flexing a brand Educating the customer Growing its business

01 Recipe Cover 02 Recipe Spread 03 Beauty Spread 04 Beauty Cover





Naturalife Flexing a brand Educating the customer Growing a business We have been working with Naturalife for some time, helping them to build the Udo’s Choice brand. Our primary focus has been communicating and reaching out to new markets and audiences without alienating its existing customer base. Our first initiative with Naturalife, was to suggest the creation of a small recipe book, to help people build the administration of essential oils into their daily routine and therefore drive sales. The recipe book was such a success that it has not only continued year on year, it drove a national advertising and social media campaign facilitating huge growth for the brand. The strategy of customer education has been extended into beauty with a fashion style magazine created with Caroline Moran as brand ambassador.

01 Website 02 Fitness Cover 03 Image Style 04 Fitness Spread 05 Fitness Spread




Recently the concept has been expanded into the areas of fitness, with the creation of a fitness manual which educates trainers, coaches and experienced athletes the key role Udo’s Choice can play in preparation and recovery. Professional athletes share their programs and tips and now a tri-athlete team has also been sponsored. We also supply additional brand services from key advertising to web design on the core masterbrand site and specialists sites. 02


Citadel Corporate Finance A brand you can trust Refined finish Flexible system

01 Stationery 02 Website 03 Welcome Pack 04 Digital Application



Citadel Corporate Finance A name you can trust Refined finish Flexible system Naming, strategy, identity creation and roll out for Citadel Corporate Finance. We created a cohesive identity and visual system that exudes security and guardianship as well as communicating a high end premium feel across all applications. In such a volatile Irish market, this business needed everything from its name, right down to the detail on its business card to be as distinctive, innovative and memorable as possible. 02


01 Literature 02 Identity 03 Image Style 04 Illustration 05 Leaflet 06 Website



New Horizons Connecting with multiple audiences Empowering the client New Horizon Youth Centre is a day centre in London, working with young people who are vulnerable, homeless or at risk. They offer everything from housing advice to support with education, counselling to cookery classes. Our response was to firstly create a brand story, positioning the charity as ‘Creating Positive Futures’. We then created a complete new identity and visual system that communicates positivity and the friendly approachable culture of the centre. 05

The identity and visual language were based on the idea of a transport map as most of the young people arriving to the centre found their way there via public transport and for some it was their first time in the city trying to find their way in the urban jungle. The map represents where each person may have got on at the start of their journey to an improved life chance of a bright new future. Sarah Brown (wife of the former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown) opened their new state of the art centre where we were responsible for their internal way finding system. 02



Contact T 01 807 1528 W

Š Wemakedesign 2014

Wemakedesign Credentials  

Our current credentials document, an overview and some recent work.

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