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Halloween Fun : Sun 26 October 11.30am – 5pm Christmas Fair : Sat 15 – Sun 16 November 11.00am – 4pm

Benthall Hall, near Broseley Benthall Hall is situated on a plateau above the gorge of the River Severn. It is a fine stone house with a stunning interior, a carved oak staircase, decorated plaster ceilings and oak paneling. The house and the Benthall family have been involved in many important historical events,

available in this area, and they even used the house as part of their sales technique by laying tiled floors in the house. The tiled floor in the entrance hall has only recently been rediscovered, because an oak floor was constructed on top. George Maw was also a distinguished botanist; he assembled a collection of rare plants from around the world in the garden, including a large collection of crocuses, which can still be seen today in the spring and autumn. Also in the garden there’s the delightful kitchen garden growing, fruit, vegetables and cut flowers. The Rose Garden in summer is full of

Benthall Hall, © national Trust

from the Civil War to the Industrial Revolution. Between 1710 and 1934 the Benthalls lost ownership of the estate, and one of the new custodians George Maw took full advantage of the close proximity to Ironbridge. George Maw and his brother were able to develop their tile business at Benthall because of the clay and coal

the scent of roses and there is even an Elizabethan skittle alley. The Restoration church is also open to visitors and it is well worth going on a walk around the park and woods too. For more details, call 01952 882159.

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