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HaWkSTone PaRk FoLLieS

Of t h a d I h e ar d o f Ha wk st o ne P ar k , I t ’ s “O m uc h f r equ en ted gr o un d, Bu t al l de sc r ip tio n w a s b u t d a r k , C o m p a r ’ d w i t h w h a t I f o u n d ”. From a poem entitled “The Beauties of Hawkstone Park” by J W Salmon, published around 1800 Constructed around dramatic sandstone cliffs rising abruptly from the Shropshire Plain and with so many attractions to see, it is little wonder that Hawkstone was once one of the most visited landscapes in Britain. Historic Hawkstone Park, with its hidden pathways, concealed grottos, secret tunnels and remarkable collection of follies, is perhaps the most magical and wondrous tourist attraction Shropshire has to offer. Created in the 18th Century by Sir Rowland Hill, the woodland fantasy of caves and cliffs has been described as a lost world deep in the heart of Shropshire and is one of the greatest naturalist landscape creations in Britain.

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The monument to Sir Rowland Hill bears the inscription “The righteous shall be held in everlasting remembrance” and was restored thanks to the Barclay Borthers in 1992. The view you are afforded after climbing the 153 steps is truly breathtaking; on a clear day you can see thirteen (of the old) counties of England & Wales ! This first class tourist attraction benefits from a Three Star Country House Hotel, the Hawkstone Park Hotel, located within its grounds. The hotel has sixty en-suite bedrooms. The site also has a picturesque tearoom serving refreshments and snacks throughout the day, a picnic pack service, gift and book shop and free parking. A packed lunch is advisable as you may be some distance from the tearoom when hunger strikes - this also makes Hawkstone Park Follies a very good value day out. Telephone 01948 841777 / 841700

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