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SnaiLBeaCH Mine Set in the beautiful Shropshire hills Snailbeach mine has one of the best collection of original lead mine buildings and artefacts in the country. Snailbeach was the biggest lead mine in Shropshire and it is reputed to have yielded the greatest volume of lead per acre of any mine in Europe. Underground mining ceased here in 1955 but it is reputed to date from Roman times and the surface buildings are the most complete set in the district and probably the country. Although the miners mainly extracted lead ore (galena), smaller quantities of Barite, Calcite, Fluorspar, Silver and Zinc were also obtained. The Shropshire County Council, using government grants, did extensive work in the early 1990s to make some of the shallow workings safe for the villagers. At the same time, they acquired many of the surface buildings and preserved these. The Shropshire Mines Trust now manages the site for the Council. You can visit at any time and walk around following many paths. The free visitor centre will be open on Sundays during the summer. Here can see a short video which explains the mine and it’s place in local history. You can also see displays which explain the mining history and social conditions and talk to our guides. There is a short underground trip into a tunnel next to the visitor centre. (£2-00) On some planned weekends there is a more extensive trip into larger workings where you can see two areas which were mined. (£5-00)

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More information & dates on the website which has links to their Facebook & Twitter pages. Visits for schools and groups available, surface & underground, please contact : index.htm Snailbeach Lead Mine Snailbeach, Nr Minsterley Shropshire. SY5 0NS All parking at the Village Hall please and The Shropshire Hills Shuttle bus stops in the village.

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