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TITLE: Glass Products: For the Modern Architectural Look Often viewed as a luxurious additional piece, glass has become a quintessential product to every home. From home and streets to consumer products, glass products play a vital role in the function of a range of projects. Glass products have been taking the interior design world by storm.Theirrange of functions include:

Balustrades Balustrades are ideal for staircases, balconies, and other spots where fencing is essential. Available in a standalone system or with minimum framing,glass balustrades offer a safety barrier while allowing homeowners to attain uninterrupted views. Apart from being attractive, glass balustrades are safe as well, thanks to its thick, tempered glass that make them tough to break. This feature makes them ideal for high traffic areas and even playrooms for kids.

Splashbacks Typically used in moist areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, glass splashbacks offer wall protection from water damage and provide a low-maintenance surface. With few seams, these glass additions reduce the risk of mould, providing a clean and safe addition to homeowners.

Shower screens For families aiming for a spacious spot with a modern and luxurious look, glass showerscreens can do marvels. Often built from toughened or laminated glass, shower screens offer a clean solution for any bathroom. With a range of fittings available, families have plenty of shower screen styles to choose from.

Wardrobes From mirrored glass products to high gloss finish, wardrobe doors made from glass offer a classy addition to any lacklustre spot. Usually used as sliding doors, glass wardrobes provide easy access and avoid the need for space as required in traditional wardrobe doors. These are available in a range of colours as well, making it suitable for any interior design. Glass is becoming the basis of contemporary architecture. While it tends to be pricier than traditional materials, its durability and looks make them the primary choice for renovation projects. Perth City Glass, a trusted glass company in Australia, is home to WA’s quality glass products. From new glass projects to glass repairs, the company is always ready to provide reliable service whenever families need it.


TITLE: Glass Products: For the Modern Architectural Look