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Your Digital Personality By Adam Blackie

A digital personality represents you. It is a first impression created by the pool of information available to anyone with the right access, tools and motivation to find it.


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Written in everyday terms for the non-expert, it explores the almost accidental growth of this phenomenon. Identifies how we and others are creating, using, sharing and storing increasing amounts of personal information. Shows how business tools are linking the various parts of our Digital Personality together to create comprehensive profiles of each of us.

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Your personal information belongs to the business that holds it. They manipulate, use, trade and store endless amounts of it. This causes us concern and yet we persist in using new digital technologies that create more information for others to find. You have limited rights to challenge this situation and the book explores solutions to this inequality.

The book’s key message. Privacy will soon become impossible. If we want to retain control of those all-important first impressions, we will have to manage our own digital personalities. Your Digital Personality explains how you can do this.

Your Digital Personality Flyer  
Your Digital Personality Flyer  

Information is an asset Assets are valuable Your personal information is an asset Who can you trust to manage your personal information?