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Golf Tech Systems Our aim, your target! Golf Tech Systems were established in 2011, originally selling the OptiShot+3 range with huge success in the home user market, it became apparent there was a void in the market for a portable, affordable and accurate full system suited to both residential and commercial environments. In April 2013 Golf Tech Systems launched the TruGolf Simulator Range and opened our first demonstration facility in the UK. Our Centre of Excellence Scheme allows Golf Clubs to not only earn through the normal revenue streams a simulator would bring, but also work in partnership with Golf Tech Systems on a sales commission structure.

Weatherproof Your Business Due to the variable weather conditions in the UK we only get a few months of good golfing conditions. With the winter months having the risk of closing the course, a simulator will keep your business running and your customers playing. The simulator could be hired out per hour or per player at approximately £25 - £40 per hour or could be rolled into yearly membership fees. Increase revenue in quieter parts of the day Hiring out the simulator at discounted rates during quieter periods could help increase footfall in your shop/bar. I.e.: Simulator Hire: £40 per hour. £25 per hour between 12 – 3pm Clubhouse Revenue Many clubs are looking at ways to increase sales from the bar and restaurant. The Trugolf Simulator has Nearest the Pin and Longest Drive competitions installed. Holding a members evening with a nearest the pin competition for £5 entry will not only be a steady income revenue stream in itself but also increase bar sales and keep your clubs social aspect interesting. Custom Fit With many websites offering discounted prices on golf equipment many Pro’s/Clubs are limiting stock of hardware. The Trugolf Simulator has the ability to compare different specs of equipment in a clear and precise way. This will help win back sales to the Pro as he can offer a custom service to his clients when deciding which equipment is best for their needs. Coaching Facilities There are many clubs that have limited practice facilities for the Pro to teach. Many Pros end up teaching using a short iron down the side of one of the golf holes. Not ideal if you require a lesson on your woods. The Trugolf Simulator will give the Pro the ability to coach on any aspect of the game from putting to driving.

Lessons TruGolf has a driving range feature which is perfect for Pros to teach their students on. The software upgrade for £995 includes the Scoring Zone feature which gives the ability to place any sized target at any distance on the range. With clear statistics on total distance, carry, club head speed, ball speed, swing path, face angle, launch, back spin, side spin and direction. The Pro has all the information to assist with his coaching methods! Lesson prices could be increased to use the simulator rather than the normal facilities to offer a more in depth experience. Hopefully the amount of lessons will also increase when word of mouth spreads on how lessons are now more advanced and readily available, thus increasing the Pro and clubs Profile. Return on Investment………. General Hire Prices: £25 - £40 per hour. Up to 4 players Driving Range Hire: £20 per 30 minutes with stats print outs.

Scenario Average club membership: 500 members Increase membership subs by £20 to offer simulator facilities and weatherproof course. This pays for the Simulator in year one. Member receives 2 hours use of the simulator per year for their £20 sub increase which is under half the price of the normal hire rate. If the shop/club is open for 12 hours a day, 360 days a year that’s 4320 potential hours of use. If every member uses their inclusive hours that leaves 3320 available hours. If you hired out the simulator at the lower rate of £25 per hour for only 10% of the remaining time, this would return 332 x £25 = £8300 Year two the simulator is already paid for but the £20 membership for the simulator remains and the members 2 hours are refreshed. With the above minimal hire would return £18300. This excludes any competition evenings, increased bar/restaurant turnover, lessons and custom fit revenue potential.

Centre of Excellence Scheme It’s simple when you think about it, golf clubs have pro shops and the right clientele for our products, for customers to enter a pro shop they are instantly at ease and can see it functioning daily in a retail environment, coupled with the confidence generated by a PGA Pro using TruGolf for lessons. Having one Demo Centre in each county allows Golf Tech Systems to showcase its products without location restrictions.

So what are the benefits for a Golf Club?

• Additional income from lessons on the Simulator all year round, no matter what the weather is like.

• The ability to host corporate events, team building events and offer club fitting using the latest technology, TruTrac.

• Golf Tech Systems vision is to have ONE centre of excellence in each county across the UK to showcase The Trugolf Range and E6 Software.

The Commission Commision is paid out on the entire TruGolf range, whether its a simulator or an extra course pack our centre of excellence scheme generates extra revenue for the club and Pro.


Retail Price £

Commission Available

Technique Personal



Technique Pro



Technique Prestige



TruBalance Force Plate





Vacation Packages (Contains 12 Courses)



Upgrade E6 Lite to E6



Courses for E6 Lite Users Vacation Packages (Contains 12 Courses) Courses For E6

The Software All TruGolf simulators come with E6 software, either the E6 Lite version or the full product. Both versions come with up to 85 courses, Driving Range, Putting Green, not to mention the Nearest the Pin and Longest Drive competitions. With the E6 Full version there is also a Scoring Zone available. An example of the stats you receive on screen are detailed below.

that reveals the truest depth, colour, shadowing, E6 Golf uses a you want to tee off and and reflection. Capture the perfect light by choosing the feel the dramatic effects the movement of the sun and shadows have on your game. An example of how impressive the graphics are can be seen in here in an example from The Belfry. 01865 682414

Golf Tech Systems - Centre of Excellence  
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