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Industry Manipulation in favor of GMOs

People should raise concern that the government intervention to take precaution measures not to allow industrial food into our food and environment is now very much essential. While people find that just the opposite happened with the protection of the safety of the food supply as well as to the integrity of our ecosystem. No wonder, all precaution was thrown to the wind. Now the government is engaged in the greatest gamble of the lives of the poor people. Billions of people are searching for foods without genetically modified organisms known as GMOs. Even thousands of health consultants and the doctors are prescribing non-GMO diets. To be healthy even celebrities demand that these products be labeled. However, proponents of GMOs have become more and more aggressive now-a-days at suppressing adverse data and promoting their myths, distracted to shoot the anti-GMO tide. A continuous proclaim was going on about the technology, as it is precise and environmentally friendly, which is just opposite of the fact. Since the year of 1990 the scientists of Food and Drug Administration of United States constantly warned their senior officials as the consumption of GM foods could create severe health problems in the society. Later it came to the knowledge of all that this industrial level of food was inherently hazardous and might create the risk of toxins, allergies, new diseases as well as nutritional deficiency problems. Let’s face the fact that the delicious and tasty breakfast outside of your home, are simply asking you for health danger. Almost every restaurant, that serves the breakfast food will in no way improve your health, but to only bring you down. So we can say that it is almost impossible to eat a healthy breakfast outside of your home Therefore, it is almost impossible to eat a healthy breakfast outside of your home, where in fact, this is really the result of the entire confusion and the false impression of major people about a healthy diet. There are a lot of reasons why industrially processed foods are not at all advantageous for your health. The food contains synthetic chemicals and other toxic aspects. Undoubtedly, this industrial food has little nutritional value. Almost 75 percent of industrially processed foods contain genetically modified (GM) ingredients. You cannot deny the fact that the United States government policy, in todays date is based on a wrong concept that GMOs are totally safe, while all the accumulated evidence over nearly two decades shows that consumption of GMOs are absolutely hazardous for a healthy human body.

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Industry manipulation in favor of gmos