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This is your book. A book of our work. Or rather our work so far. A constant work in progress. It’s a book that’s made to be messed with. Edited and added to. Pages can be ripped and removed. This is not a museum piece. Do not handle with care. Sketch, scribble, and scrawl. Add comments, queries, and questions. It’s a book that shows a selection of our work. Commercial, corporate, and entertainment photography. But most of all it’s a book about people. Very important people. Because when we shoot people, those people are the most important part of making great images. So we shoot very important people. And this is our book. Now it’s your book. Have fun with it. PS. New to QR Codes? We use ShopSavvy for iPhone & Android.

Maëlle Ricker / Blenz Coffee With a campaign that focused strongly on sponsorship of Maëlle Ricker and creative use of social media, Blenz Coffee ranked seventh for brand media presence in relation to the 2010 games*. That’s one place above Visa. Only one official sponsor, Proctor and Gamble, finished higher. This was shot on location in November 2009, three months before the games when Maëlle was still a relative unknown to the public. In July 2010, Dairy Queen got in on the act using images from our shoot with Maëlle to promote their 25th Birthday.

Tito Deville Band.

Electro act currently starring in MTV’s “Youth Electric”.

Nick La Riviere is a Victoria-based jazz musician who came to us with album title and little else. The album artwork had to be produced, captured and delivered in ten days to meet the print deadline.

Shot on location at Granville Street’s iconic Clifton Hotel on a busy Wednesday morning.

Aliqua The second album for Nettwerk’s female choral group featured arrangements of Christmas classics, and was released in November 2009. Shot on location at Holt Renfrew on a sunny July evening. Apparently Elvis Costello loves this album cover. When we track him down, we’ll quote him on that.

La Brasserie, Davie Street. We recommend the suckling pig washed down with chocolate ale.

Mongoose East Van’s hardest working punk band. Mongoose only play two shows a year in Vancouver, adhering strictly to a rule that if they don’t have anything new to show, it’s not worth showing. They recently toured Japan, have opened for Steel Panther, and are currently working with their 14th drummer, Marc The Temp. Band member’s other jobs include working at a safe injection site, sound engineering, and arable farming.

In 2009 Mongoose recorded a new album to coincide with a UK tour. The original album title was “Rock n’ Roll Knife Fight”. This image was planned to be part of a nine panel fold-out piece of cover art.

Promoters raised objections to the reference to knives. The album title got changed, and the images we never used. Shot on location at Robson Park on a sunny summer evening next to a busy children’s playground.

Trevor Undi. Director, filmmaker, and unwilling expert on cross-border work permit applications.

Michele Kambolis. Artist whose work is based around movement both aesthetically and during the creative process.

Zach Bell Olympic medal hopeful for the 2012 games in London. Shot on location at the Burnaby Velodrome. The cyclists have to personally pay the location’s heating bill on Wednesdays, one of their designated training days. We learnt two things. Olympic athletes are woefully underfunded, and packing gloves for a shoot is always a good idea.

Side One.

Party band and music geeks.

Phil Hanley.

Comedian and stay-at-home son. He moved from Vancouver to New York in 2009. His parents recently followed.

If you made it this far we’ve got your attention. Call us, we’ll work together to get other people’s attention too.

Turn over. The other side’s much more fun.

Very Important People  

Commercial and Portrait Portfolio book for Adam and Kev Photography, a Vancouver-based photographic duo.

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