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Know The Legal Profession Terms The many legal terms can be quite confusing and appear overlapping. One of the main reasons for this is due to the origination of these terms from three legal systems – English, American and Scottish. Let us look at these terms in some detail now. The Attorney is a legally empowered individual who can represent a person or act on his behalf. So what about the lawyer? They are also doing the job of the attorney but cannot be used interchangeably with the former. You cannot or will not say “power of lawyer” but will have to use the term “power of attorney”. So though the terms are synonyms, their usage will vary and that is something you need to be aware of. Visit here for professional lawyers. The attorney thus has the legal right granted by the court to represent an individual for legal proceedings when he has the “power of attorney’ document with him. He can and would be authorised to sign legal documents to ensure that his client’s best interests are maintained and not compromised. A solicitor on the other hand is different in his duties. He is somebody who does not act as the advocate in a court of law. Similarly, the barrister who is also referred to as the advocate in Scotland presents a case in court. A Counselor at law as known in some of the US States is somebody who can argue a case. This is a term that is used to distinguish individuals who prepare a case but do not present it. The attorney who does not present the case but just prepares it is known as the attorney and those who argue the same case is the counselor at law. Look at here to know more. Today, the attorney at law has the authority of a practising lawyer. One common factor is that all of the above legal personnel have to follow the process of getting admitted to the bar. Usually, the attorney as a term is used to depict officers at the County, Federal and State. They are then known as the County Attorney, Attorney General and District Attorney respectively.

Lawyers on the other hand can practise as advocates and also dole out advice. They represent individuals in criminal, civil trials and argue the case in the best interests of their clients. They advise and inform their clients about their legal rights and need to be good communicators as they are required to think on their feet when addressing the court. Learn more here. There are different types of lawyers depending on the areas they have specialised in. Some may have to appear in court more often than others. An environmental lawyer for instance may not be required to address the court on a frequent basis but would have to make a strong case on paper when he represents a public litigation group. Visit here for more services and to know more about the legal profession.

Know The Legal Profession Terms  

The many legal terms can be quite confusing and appear overlapping

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