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Expansion Cards Its Origin and Uses

Introduction An expansion card can be defined as the electronic board/card that can be inserted into the expansion slot of a computer motherboard for adding more functionality to the system via the expansion bus.

Its Origin The first expansion slot was introduced in 1973 as Micral N. It was launched to add features and functionalities to the first commercial microcomputer.

Uses of expansion card It can be used for the following functions like:     

Adding media card readers Connecting to a fast hard disk Getting mobile broadband Adding USB and Firewire ports Recording TV programs

Adding Media Card Readers Media card reader is a data input device that can read data from a card shaped storage medium. Many notebooks generally have built-in card readers but it may support all the memory cards.

Connecting to a fast hard disk Most of the external hard disks can be connected to the system via Firewire or USB but few can be used as eSata cable. If the notebook does not have the eSata port,2 Belkin’s Sata 2 express cards can be added.

Getting Mobile Broadband A broadband contract is required for this function. By adding this feature, internet can be accessed on the move. And as availing internet connection is getting cheaper day by day, this feature can be very useful.

Adding USB and Firewire Ports Many smaller notebooks have limited number of sockets for USB devices. Belkin’s USB 2.0 and Firewire express cards can be added. Firewire’s socket will be ideal for camcorders and external hard disks.

Recording TV Programs Express cards can be used to enjoy television on the move without the bulk of an USB device. An aerial is required for this purpose.

Conclusion Thus an expansion card can be very useful in different ways. Few of the most widely used expansion cards can be named as IBM expansion cards and IBM broadcom expansion card.

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Expansion Cards-Its Origin and Uses  

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