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PREFACE Professor Rob Castle Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic The mission of the Academic Services Division (ASD) is to support learning and teaching and to foster innovation in learning and teaching. UOW’s substantial track record in five star national recognition of the quality of our learning and teaching is testament not only to the quality of faculty staff but also to the professional work of internationally renowned ASD staff. This 2011 snapshot of their achievements is highly impressive and, when brought together as a combined division, clearly demonstrates why UOW is a top university for teaching and learning. The Unit forecasts for 2012 activities showcase both their commitment to the UOW Student Journey and the contribution to the parallel journeys of UOW staff engaged in the collaborative pursuits of teaching, and researching. As a teacher at UOW for many years before becoming Dean and DVC I know first hand that my own professional development and my students’ learning development have been supported and enhanced by the units that make up Academic Services Division. I also know that my work as DVC Academic for the past eleven years would not have been possible without significant leadership in learning and teaching from the Academic Services Division.


ASD SNAPSHOT 2011/2012 In introducing this snapshot I take the opportunity to highlight the particular model that currently underpins ASD work at the University of Wollongong:

ASD Strategic Model Strong faculty liaison Nearly 30 ASD staff are assigned as Faculty Liaison representatives operating on Faculty Education Committees and other key faculty meetings, often with offices on a full or part-time basis in the faculties. This means that services are closely aligned with faculty needs for academic development, e-learning development, learning development and student support. Central units Although aligned with faculties, central units provide a home for expert full-time staff, ensuring their own professional development and specific career needs are addressed and that the support services are coordinated and sustainable.

INTRODUCTION Professor Sandra Wills Executive Director Learning & Teaching In 2011 we celebrated UOW’s 60th anniversary noting that 60 years ago, the units and centres that comprise ASD did not exist, most emerging within the past 20 years only. In July 2012, the DCVA retires after 42 years teaching at the University of Wollongong, from tutor to professor, with 11 years as DVC. The Division that he leads acknowledges with gratitude his substantial contribution to forging UOW’s reputation as the leading university for teaching and learning through an era of rapid change in student expectations, student diversity, workforce composition and technological innovation. We recognise that we are moving into yet another new era that may involve many more changes than we have witnessed in the past two decades of our existence. However, we’ve always said in ASD that change is the only constant. This 2011 report provides the first ever combined snapshot of the work of the units that comprise the Academic Services Division. The report demonstrates how the ASD units and centres connect the two worlds of learning and teaching.

Scholarship of learning & teaching A collegial mix of academic and general staff provide an evidence-based approach to learning and teaching innovation (see ASD publications and grants in Appendix A).


The Division provides services, programs, products and resources that support UOW staff and students and foster innovative teaching and learning, to enhance University wide educational practice.

Academic Services Division comprises the following units totalling approximately 125 academic and general staff covering all campuses:

ASD’s Focus on Learning facilitates student transition into the university learning environment, with attention to the student learning experience, student progress and retention, Graduate Qualities and graduate outcomes.

• Careers Central (9 FTE) • Centre for Academic Systems & Resources (26)

ASD’s Focus on Teaching builds institutional teaching capacity throughout the academic life cycle from induction to promotion and supports institutional e-learning capacity as an integral component of the UOW teaching and learning environment.

• Centre for Educational Development, Innovation & Recognition (20) • Executive Director, Learning & Teaching (6) • Learning Development (16.2 FTE) • Learning Innovation, Facilities & Technologies (15)

Services, programs and resources are designed and delivered in collaboration with faculty and other university staff.

• Student Support & Peer Learning (32) ASD works closely with other units in the DVC (Academic)’s portfolio such as Library, Dean of Students, Woolyungah Indigenous Centre, Strategic Planning & Quality.


Executive Director Learning & Teaching

Careers Central

Centre for Academic Systems & Resources

Centre for Educational Development Innovation & Recognition

Learning Development

Learning Innovation Facilities & Technologies

Student Support & Peer Learning

Educational Systems Development

Academic Development

Audiovisual Services


eTeaching Systems

Learning Design

Design & Installation

Counselling Services

Project Management Unit

Educational Strategy & Evaluation

Learning Technologies

Disability Services

Teaching Services


Student Support Advisors

ASD SNAPSHOT 2011/2012 Faculty Liaison 2011 Faculty

Learning Development

Educational Development

Student Support Advisors


Dr Heather Jamieson

A/Prof Geraldine Lefoe Wendy Myers

Viv McIlroy


Dr Celeste Rossetto

Sandra Humphrey

Danial Morgan Ann-Maree Smith

Creative Arts

Dr Ruth Walker

Lesley Knapp

Kerry Banks


Dr Meeta Chatterjee

Wendy Myers

Kerry Banks


Dr Alisa Percy

Dr Catherine Layton Lesley Knapp

Virginie Schmelitschek

Sydney Business School

Dr Ruth Walker

Dr Lynne Keevers

Danial Morgan

Graduate School of Medicine

Dr Paul Moore

A/Prof Margaret Wallace Chris Brewer

Jenny Walsh Mitz Perez

Health & Behavioural Science

Dr Paul Moore

Chris Brewer

Jenny Walsh Mitz Perez


Dr Bronwyn James

Dr Lisa Carrington

Wendy Myers Mitz Perez


Dr Ruth Walker

Lesley Knapp

Viv McIlroy


Emily Purser

Chris Brewer

Michelle Collis

UOW College

Dr Meeta Chatterjee

Sandra Humphrey Dr Lynne Keevers


Dr Heather Jamieson

A/Prof Geraldine Lefoe


Learning Development

Educational Development

Audio Visual

South Coast

Dr Jeannette Stirling

A/Prof Geraldine Lefoe

Sam Altinger

Southern Highlands

Dr Celeste Rossetto

Southern Sydney

Joanne Dearlove


A/Prof Geraldine Lefoe Prof Sandra Wills A/Prof Christine Brown

In 2012, Careers Central is approved to put in place careers consultants at UOW regional campuses and is also planning to move into a faculty-embedded model for careers consultants, pending funding approval. Library also works this way.

Student Support Advisors Back L- R: Left to Right - Danial Morgan, Jenny Walsh, Viv McIlroy [in rear] Ann-Maree Smith [front], Michelle Collis [rear], Kerry Banks & Virginie Schmelitschek.

CAREERS CENTRAL Mission To assist graduates to learn, engage and lead in society and the global workplace, through Career Development Learning (CDL) and workplace partnerships. This mission is realised through four functional streams of business activity – Career Development Learning, Work Related Learning, Graduate Recruitment, and Career Development for International students.

• Establish mechanisms and systems (0 credit point subjects and Career Hub software) to underpin increased student access and participation in Work Related Learning • Advocate through VC initiated strategic reviews and SSAF to create an institutional approach to Career Development Learning (including employability, enterprise and work related learning) across all student cohorts and the Wollongong and regional campuses

2011 Highlights • Fivefold increase in student roles secured and filled via Jobs on Campus project (from 70 to 375) • Univative Illawarra (in 2011, 90 students were linked to 9 host organisations) was replicated across 5 universities in the Sydney metropolitan area • Successfully delivered intercultural career development programs into the curriculum at Masters level for international students, in the faculties of Engineering, Commerce and Informatics, along with co-curricular Certificate in Global Workplace Practice (total of 267 students enrolled across these programs)

Univative Illawarra – Summer 2012: Cancer Council host employer of multidisciplinary teams

• Co-delivered Career Ahead Speed Interviewing day with Alumni Office • Between January and November, 1981 students visited our office for advice/ information, 495 received career counselling, 277 used the Resume Checking Service, 1653 registered for job seeking workshops, and 903 registered for Campus Ready workshop for Jobs on Campus

2012 Main Focus • Strengthen UOW Social Inclusion targets and activities through integration of Career Development Learning into outreach activities (eg. IN2UNI and UOWC and CareerStart website) • Integrate Careers Central activities into ARD’s Student Life (Networking after 5) and other early year transition activities • Activate at least four Faculty Career Ready Student Conferences in collaboration with Faculties, Alumni Office and HDR Office • Innovative marketing/communication strategies (eg Live Chat, and The Pitch) to increase student engagement in graduate recruitment activities


Dept of Finance: one of 75 employers at Autumn Careers Fair attended by 1600 students

ASD SNAPSHOT 2011/2012 CENTRE FOR ACADEMIC SYSTEMS & RESOURCES Mission Supports the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of academic systems, practices, products and services for the University of Wollongong community, by offering a range of services including: • Management of Teacher Evaluations (1032 in 2011) and Peer Observation of Teaching for promotion and probation (59 POTS in 2011) ; Coordination of Subject Evaluations (844 subjects in 2011) • Administration of the University Learning and Teaching (ULT) course • Management of UOW’s eTeaching environment

• Implemented redesigned single eLearning site for the Graduate Diploma in Education for the Faculty of Education. Single eLearning site manages Administration and Content for Core (10), Primary (6) and Secondary (20) subjects

2012 Main Focus • Participate in and support the implementation of a new learning management platform (applications and systems) • Support transition of sites from current e-learning environment to new (design and content) • Specify and develop an online Subject Evaluation Management System to improve data capture, retrieval and analysis of results • Continue consolidation of resource support for Academic Services Division

• Provide operational support and ensure system continuity for eLearning@UOW • Engage in innovative programs and practices associated with eLearning systems • Undertake resource development and maintenance to support Faculty teaching activities • Support the development and maintenance of University-wide projects (such as EOOnline, StartSmart, UniLearning) • Designing and producing academic systems and resources (such as Ethics Committee induction resource, animal house management system)

Virtual Anatomy Lab produced by CASR for Health Sciences

2011 Highlights • Managed 1817 Blackboard sites (13% increase on 2010, similar rate as previous years but major increase in sites for off-shore locations) • 1032 Teacher Evaluations; 59 Peer Observation of Teaching (double since 2008); 844 Subject Evaluations • UOW Share World collection established at Content Without Borders, a publicly accessible repository which promotes and provides access to resources contributed by academic institutions and repositories from around the world. access/ • Design, development and implementation of combined Academic Services Division web site, public and intranet, for the first time

CLASS web site produced by CASR for CEDIR – The CLASS project addresses the development of leadership capacity of subject coordinators in leading and managing a teaching team, particularly with regard to sessional staff.


2012 Main Focus

To enhance the student and staff learning experience and further UOW’s outstanding reputation for learning and teaching through:

In 2012, there are some CEDIR staff changes in order to clearly support implementation of the new UOW Learning Platform over the next two years. This includes a renewed focus on Learning Design.

• Promoting, recognising and sharing innovation and good practice in learning and teaching • Facilitating sound pedagogical design for inclusive and collaborative learning with emphasis on both learning innovation and the use of educational technologies

• Promote eLearning innovation across UOW • Redesign LDU project system to raise awareness of evaluation services and generate data for projects continuing to further development

• Fostering scholarship and leadership in curriculum

• Contribute to professional development of UOW academic staff in relation to eLearning and social media use

• Development and sharing of educational design as a scholarly practice

• Contribute to research into educational design as a scholarly practice

• Conducting internationally recognised learning and teaching research

• Strengthen pathways for teaching and learning professional development for course coordinators, sessional staff and transnational staff through implementation of recommendations of AUQA report and partnership initiatives

2011 Highlights • CEDIR staff completed 2 ALTC grants (1 lead and 1 partner) and were successful with a further OLT grant (partner) bringing the total of successful grants with CEDIR lead/ member to $2.5m (2006-11) • Successfully completed Social Inclusion pilot program with teaching teams from four subjects with significant reductions in failure and dropout rates in three subjects • Engaged in 139 consultations and 439 coaching sessions, facilitated workshops involving 227 attendees, and external speaker visits with 388 attendees • Successfully completed international partnership with Imam University to implement an Arabic version of the ULT program

• Lead and facilitate strategic change initiatives related to curriculum design, renewal, integration and evaluation and through redevelopment of ULT • Provide high level development and support for reward and recognition of teaching through teaching-related career development with a focus on internal and external programs • Enhance opportunities for engagement with higher education research through • leadership and support of OLT grants, management of JUTLP, and facilitation of dissemination practices through a teaching and learning forum

• Following recommendation of 1st AUQA audit in 2007, successfully raised completion rate of compulsory University Learning & Teaching subject to over 30 academics per year • Highly effective participation in evaluation process for new eLearning platform • Continuous engagement with academic staff on educational design as a scholarly practice through Faculty Service Agreements and project consultation • Maintenance of eTeaching support system and phone helpdesk


UOW Faculty Scholars – Dr Lisa Kervin (Faculty of Education), Dr Brad Stappenbelt, (Faculty of Engineering), Dr Andrew Whelan (Faculty of Arts) and Dr Karen Walton (Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences) with A/Prof Geraldine Lefoe,

ASD SNAPSHOT 2011/2012 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR LEARNING & TEACHING Mission • To provide strategic advice and specialist support to the DVC (Academic) on strategies and innovative approaches relating to university-wide learning and teaching • To provide high level analysis of the University’s needs in student learning and teaching support and an evidence-based approach to planning of the University’s capacity for meeting those needs • To work with ASD as a division to ensure that ASD educational research informs UOW learning and teaching practice • To collaborate with Deans and Associate Deans (T&L) on major curriculum renewal; planning for new approaches to learning design and flexible modes of delivery; course and program mapping; and course approval processes • To engage UOW stakeholders in teaching and learning via UEC & Senate briefing papers and reports, UOW and community debates and think tanks on high level teaching and learning issues • To build national and international linkages for successful grant applications on major teaching and learning issues

2012 Main Focus • Move Educational Strategy & Evaluation unit within CEDIR - ESE monitors action plans, collates data and generates regular reports for educational projects and three of the new UEC sub-committees • English Language recommendations Action Plan – build budget case for 2013 • eLearning Strategic Plan for consultation in 2012 • Mainstream iConnect: UOW’s Certificate in Global Citizenship • Review Teacher Evaluation forms and procedures • Review Graduate Qualities Policy • Initiate consultation for new Graduate Certificate in Higher Education for possible implementation with academics new to UOW from 2014 • Finalize Pathways Report for Pathways to UOW Reference Group • Launch first 2 UOW subjects in OERuni and get approval for Open UOW • Complete benchmarking on Academic promotions (with High Education Academy funding, A$0.5m) • Complete Saudi Arabian contract establishing a Centre for Academic Development at Imam University (A$2.4m) – secure additional funding

2011 Highlights • Relocated CEDIR and Executive Director to Building 39 • Successful pilot of iConnect: UOW’s Certificate in Global Citizenship (over 90 enrolments) • Completed review of English Language Proficiency – 25 recommendations in report: Language Ladder to Learning • Completed recommendation for First Year Experience co-ordination: FYE Curriculum Guidelines, FYE Co-ordinator Checklist • Completed first draft of eLearning Strategic Plan for consultation in 2012 • Benchmarking agreement with universities of Tasmania, Leicester and Newcastle upon Tyne re Academic Promotions Processes and Policies • Joined OERuni as anchor partner: an Open UOW pathway as part of social inclusion agenda

First Year Experience Think Tank.


Mission The mission of Learning Development is: • Successful transition of students into and through degree studies at both undergraduate and post-graduate level • Student acquisition of successful academic learning, writing and research strategies, discipline appropriate English language, and discipline appropriate numeracy by strategic inclusion of learning development support within coursework • Academic staff acquisition and implementation within coursework of successful strategies for teaching • Provision of programs that support student learning and academic integrity

2011 Highlights • Design, development and successful trial of RESH900 subject in PhD(Integrated) degree in Engineering, Science and Informatics • Success of SIPS-funded Successful Transitions program at Moss Vale, Bega, Batemans Bay and Shoalhaven Campuses


2012 Main Focus • Maintenance/mainstreaming of PhDIntegrated writing subject RESH900 in Engineering, Science and Informatics in Autumn and Spring Semesters at Wollongong campus • Continuation of input into PG subjects that address research and thesis writing • Extension of language and learning support ‘embedded’ within coursework core subjects for both UG & PG courses • Input into the English Language recommendations Action Plan – including budget case for 2013 • Provision of discipline specific and ‘crossdisciplinary’ seminars and workshops at all on-shore campuses • Delivery of PG thesis writing workshops at Wollongong campus • Extension of Successful Transitions program (weekly X 2 semesters) to include component on mathematical thinking at Moss Vale, Bega, Batemans Bay and Shoalhaven Campuses • Provision of the At Risk program at the Loftus Education Centre, including WebCT site for staff to access resources; weekly emails to students with activities to promote subjectspecific learning

ASD SNAPSHOT 2011/2012 LEARNING, INNOVATION, FACILITIES & TECHNOLOGIES Mission LIFT works with the University community to enhance teaching and learning by providing, developing and supporting appropriate technologies and spaces for teaching and learning. This is achieved by: • Providing, developing & supporting university’s videoconference system • Providing, developing & supporting UOW’s online video & audio delivery system (eduStream) • Loaning appropriate equipment to staff and students • Developing and supporting formal and informal learning spaces • Researching, evaluating and implementing new, emerging or underutilised technologies • Developing video resources • Providing staff development opportunities in the application of technologies to learning

2011 Highlights • Evaluation and selection of Echo360 as the replacement for Lectopia (eduStream) • Attracted funding to replace videoconference infrastructure and upgrade technology in Common Teaching Areas • Installation of computers into 12 Common Teaching Areas • Removal of overhead projectors from all rooms in building 24 • Funds acquired for ongoing videoconference endpoint replacement as capital expenditure • On average 25 laptops, 75 microphones as well as other audiovisual equipment loaned to staff and students each day of session

2012 Main Focus • 95 hours per week of videoconference bookings, an increase of 15% over 2011 • Leverage introduction of new technology to transform teaching and learning • Implementation and installation of Echo360 (eduStream)

• eduStream projection is peak of 400 hours per week Autumn Session, 25% increase over Autumn 2011 • Rationalisation of audiovisual equipment for loan • Replacement and upgrade of videoconference infrastructure with improved monitoring and administration of conferences.

STUDENT SUPPORT AND PEER LEARNING Mission To provide a range of quality services and programs which assist and enhance the transition of students into and through UOW.

2011 Highlights • Over 5,500 participants took part in the UOW PASS Program, an increase of 21% from 2010. Program delivered over 30,000 contact hours. • UOW PASS Program awarded its second Commendation by AUQA and the Journal of Peer Learning, published by UOW PASS in collaboration with other institutions, was awarded a Special Recognition for Contribution to the Field of Peer Learning by the International SI / PASS Centre in the USA. • PASS National Centre at UOW delivered training in Australia, NZ and Malaysia and organised 7th National PASS Forum in Sydney with 175 delegates • PASS National Trainer and Director of Student Support & Peer Learning first Australian invited to join the Advisory Board of the National Centre for FYE and Students in Transition in the USA • Student Support Adviser team supported 1,911 students as well as contributing to a number of projects such as Mature Age Orientation. Part time SSA position created at Shoalhaven Campus • The Counselling Service increased staffing levels which enabled the appointment waiting time to be reduced from approximately 10 days in 2010 to 2 days in 2011. Counselling staff provided 4,120 contact hours to assist UOW and WCA students and staff at 4 UOW campuses. • Staffed by both the Disability and Counselling Services, a Support Group to facilitate resilience and well-being was trialled in 2010, and continued in 2011. Mid-year a Post Graduate Seminar series was established and taught by the Counselling staff in conjunction with the UOW Research Student Centre and two guest lecturers from the School of Psychology. • First Year @ UOW website received major upgrade


• The UOW Disability Service was awarded 2nd highest achiever over 5 consecutive years (2006 to 2010) - Students with a Disability success and retention across the 38 Table A Australian universities (DEEWR). In 2011, 909 students were registered with the Disability Service, an increase of nearly 30% on 2010. Service provision was improved with the establishment of 3 additional continuing full time DLO positions. An estimated 65% of Disability Service workload in 2011 were students with mental health issues, including conditions of a more complex nature and intensity. These effects impact the SSA, Disability and Counselling Service teams.

2012 Main Focus • Inaugural Wellbeing Day and implementation of Wellbeing website • Consolidate further expansion of PASS into new disciplines such as Nursing, Public Health, Languages and more PG Commerce subjects • Pilot of Honours PASS in H & B S using PhD students as PASS Leaders • Pilot of world first ResPASS at MarketView - “A Peer Learning Lifestyle” in partnership with UOW Accommodation Services • Manage challenge for PASS National Centre to support interest in PASS from High Schools and TAFE sectors in addition to universities • Balance demands for SSA team and Counsellors in providing support for individual students and delivering workshops and program contributions, in light of increased frequency, intensity and complexity of student mental health issues • Consolidate changes to Disability RA system and impact of managing significant increase in numbers of registrations with very complex issues and needs • Pilot of PASS at Bowral High School in collaboration with school staff

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Grants Jayashree, P., Ning Shen, K. & Lefoe, G. (2011) Understanding Distributed Leadership in the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD): Implications for Teaching Effectiveness, UOW ESDF $14,000 Jones, S. (Project Leader), Lefoe, G., Harvey, M. & Hadgraft, R. (2011) Evidence-based benchmarking framework for a distributed leadership approach to capacity building in learning and teaching, Office for Learning & Teaching, $220,000 Moore, P., Hampton, G., Riordon, D. (2011) The intercultural group work resource pack: Approaches, issues and strategies for creating successful intercultural teams in assessed group work. UOW ESDF $7,500 Wills, S. (2011) OLNet Fellowship, Open University, UK GBP9000



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