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Pricey statement 1 Your data is processed within the law here at BSFC Fm we take data portion surely to insure that we comply is with the law here. 2 we only ever collect data when you enter a compaction their information goes in the compactions database and no were else. 3 we only take peoples name, age, email. We do this so that we can contact them and if the prize has an age limit. 4 You provide the info your self there will be clarification for you email and you information will be deleted off the data base in 14 day so that we can store more and it will stop people for getting you information. 5 we delete after 14 days after the compaction ends. 7 The competition is password protected the doors are locked and there is CCTV in the rooms to stop people for getting you information. 8 The competition data is only used for competition and will not be transferred any were else. 6 All of the steps above insure that we protect your data under the legal rights. By Adam James

data protection act  

tis is a small document about the data protection act