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ACC Publishing grouP sandy lane , old Mar tlesham, woodbridge , suffolk, iP12 4sD t: +44 (0) 1394 389950 F: +44 (0) 1394 389999 e: sales@antique-acc .com w:


suzanne BelPerron antique Collectors’ Club 9781851496259 £75.00 Hardback, slipcase

tiaras a History of splendour antique Collectors’ Club 9781851493753 £45.00 Hardback

FasHion Jewels Coppola e toppo antique Collectors’ Club ltd 9781851496112 £35.00 Hardback

MoDern Jewellery Design arnoldsche art Publishers 9783897902923 £45.00 Hardback

tHe seCret arCHives oF BouCHeron

Paul Flato Jeweler to tHe stars

antique Collectors’ Club 9781851496679 £49.95 Hardback

antique Collectors’ Club 9781851496242 £45.00 Hardback

FaMous DiaMonDs antique Collectors’ Club 9781851494798 £50.00 Hardback

insPireD Jewelry antique Collectors’ Club 9781851495788 £29.95 Hardback

Jewellery FroM tHe orient

geMstones understanding, identifying, Buying antique Collectors' Club 9781851496303 £14.95 Hardback

unDerstanDing Jewellery antique Collectors’ Club 9781851494309 £45.00 Hardback

starting to ColleCt antique Jewellery antique Collectors’ Club 9781851494071 £12.50 Hardback

DaviD watkins

Private Passion

artist in Jewellery

artists’ Jewelry of the 20th Century

arnoldsche art Publishers 9783925369964 £45.00 Hardback

arnoldsche art Publishers 9783897903203 £35.00 Hardback

treasures from the Dr. Bir Collection

100 years oF Passion For grossé + BiJoux CHristian Dior

art DeCo Jewellery anD aCCessories new style for a new world

arnoldsche art Publishers 9783897903197 £45.00 Hardback

arnoldsche art Publishers 9783897903357 £45.00 Hardback

arnoldsche art Publishers 9783897902909 £35.00 Hardback

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arnoldsche art Publishers 9783925369964 £45.00 Hardback arnoldsche art Publishers 9783897903197 £45.00 Hardback artists’ Jewelry of the 20th...

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