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Landscape Architecture Portfolio 857.540.3082

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Landscape Architecture Projects


Greenway Plan, Fairmount Greenway. Dorchester, MA Multi-family Housing Development, Eastman Brook. Amherst, MA Mixed use Development. Heritage Fields. Hadley, MA. Urban Design. Springfield Waterfront. Springfield, MA

Reports, Research, & Design Statement


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Landscape Architecture Portfolio 857.540.3082

A d a m . G r a y. M o n r o y

Graphics, Renderings, Plans, and Models


ADAM GRAY MONROY 857.540.3082



ADAM GRAY MONROY 857.540.3082



ADAM GRAY MONROY 857.540.3082





Master Plan - greenway, loops, bike trails & open space

Existing street trees, vacant lots, & urban form for Woonerf SITE: Our Studio worked with a community group to further envision an existing preliminary greenway map by refining routes, connections and designing featured destinations. We focused our efforts on stops along the Fairmount commuter rail as it passes through the under served Dorchester neighborhood. The report focused on themes of healthy people and healthy places, and came from several design charrettes. The class designed opportunities to exercise, access healthy food, socialize, commute to work, and for ecosystem services.

DESIGN: The design near Morton St. station offers a primary greenway route, secondary loops, and intersecting bike ways. The loops access cultural attractions, schools, parks and neighborhood centers. Connections are also made to the proposed Neoponset bike trail extension and the Emerald Necklace. Part of the greenway is placed on a wide under used tertiary city street. This section draws inspiration from the Dutch ‘Woonerf ’ concept, a pedestrian street with only local traffic. Permaculture parks, as a low input system of food production is applied to vacant lots 857.540.3082


Woonerf pedestrian street

Public permaculture lot

Greenway Plan

Dorchester, MA

Envisioning routes, public permaculture parks and a Woonerf street design

Central grande park, corridors, minimized parking, & use of architecture Communal spaces defined by architecture



Eastman Brook Housing Development

Amherst, MA

Connected community space system of parks and corridors defined by architecture.

SITE: The 20 acre site has pastoral views, a stream, and a dell. Views from the top go 270 degrees around. Existing slope is around 5% near the road and 12-18% to the west. Rainwater overflow is mostly sheet with some areas of concentration. Four housing unit sizes are required to be evenly distributed to promote diverse social and economic opportunity. Maximizing views, use of entire site, and minimizing length of road are required as realistic developer standards. DESIGN: Eastman Brook is built around a clear system of open space and corridors. Through park placement the most impressive views are given to everyone. The pedestrian system extends from the proposed bus stop throughout the site, compelled by westerly vistas. Each of the 120 units has a private garden that connects to the open space network. Several parking lot typologies are used to minimize the vehicular presence. Work included vertical road alignment, set FFEs, rainwater collection system and preliminary site grading. 857.540.3082


Master plan: working agrarian zone, commercial area, multifamily housing, & recreational park


Relationship of interior, private garden, communal beds, & ramp to bike trail ADAM GRAY MONROY

Open space, residential, and commercial systems

Preliminary grading

Heritage Fields - mixed use development

Hadley, MA

Live, eat, and work within your local foodshed.

SITE: Located in the historic farming region of Hadley, MA this site is next to a declining shopping mall and other sprawl development along route 9. The working land is mostly flat with some stands of hardwood trees and several acres of designated wetland in the north east section. The town has a watershed protection zoning overlay in place for the wetlands. Working with architecture students, this studio required a vision for the site appropriate for the area and a strategy for handling the interface of rural land and big box stores development.

DESIGN: Inspired by the rich arable soil and town heritage, the design offers housing, commercial space, and work fields, all strongly connected to agriculture. The wetlands are preserved as a passive recreation park which connects to adjacent elderly housing. The commercial area has space reserved for restaurants and food markets, while its alignment makes use of the mall’s parking lots. Multifamily housing forms communal garden plots with access to a bike trail and public transportation. 857.540.3082




Springfield, MA

Vegetated parking garage, overlooking river and memorial bridge

Urban Design

Reconnecting the heart of downtown Springfield to the Connecticut River SITE: Downtown Springfield’s central business district is separated from the Connecticut River, as well as a new riverside park, by a raised interstate and an at grade CSX industrial rail line. A rail yard and parking garage contribute to the feeling of seperation while standing by the river.

Gateway, pedestrian way, parking structure, and river overlook

DESIGN: This design embraces the architecture of a raised highway, and the industrial aesthetic of the rail yard rather than shying away from it. A series of new gateways along the river with signage, clear site lines and new rail crossings engage the downtown with the spirit of the river. A small section of an under used parking garage is planted providing a place to overlook the river and grab a business lunch from vendors. Carving a new market or event space out from under the overpass is in a crucial location to activate the new west gateway and bring people down from the entertainment district. 857.540.3082



AbonOrganico: A Guide To Commercial Composting in Guatemala City. Fairmount Greenway - A Community Initiative. Dorchester, MA Green Fitchburg: Opportunities, Visions, & Strategies for the future. Fitchburg, MA available online through ScholarWorks@Umass Amherst.

Design Statement

The handling of landscape media should express competent, exciting, and creative values of site stewardship. Skilled landscape design creates value. I believe designers should work towards high levels of artistic expression, and strive to make their services accessible by many. My design sensibility comes from horticultural training and landscape construction field work. This background drives my ability to create. Landscapes are dynamic spaces with cultural, biotic, and physical dimensions. My Graduate Landscape Architecture degree rounds out my strong grasp of these intricate systems. Clarity, elegance, and simplicity are functional qualities present in great landscape work. Creating these spaces requires a site, client, and designer. The process is rooted in communication. It requires inspirational ideas grounded in materiality, budget and logistics. The goal is not drawings but rather built work and effectively managing these elements is a crucial part of design.


Patterns in Food Producing Landscapes of Boston, Massachusetts. A qualitative analysis of food producing landscapes and their relationship to the built environment.



Built Design Work

Beacon St. Back Bay, Boston

Maxwell’s Green

Blaze Restaurant Outdoor Patio & Screen Bar Harbor, ME

Somerville, MA transit friendly development 857.540.3082


Rooftop garden Leather District, Boston

Outdoor shower Chappaquiddick, MA Residence Mattapoisett, MA



Gardens By Design ,

Dennis Bracale, Owener/Designer

Construction 857.540.3082

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