Gulp! eBook by The Bone Ensemble

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An extraordinary adventure about water, dripping with fun!

by The Bone Ensemble Illustrated by Emily Jones

This book is based on the Gulp! theatre production, devised by The Bone Ensemble Performed by ZoĂŤ Bullock and Jill Dowse Director: Adam Ledger Producer: Charlotte Kalantari-Gregory Designer: Alison Neighbour Stage-manager: Laura Stone Lighting designer: Joe Price Production assistant: Sam Strachan Illustration by: Emily Jones Marketing and Design: Justine Watkins-Fife and Wes Fife Delineate Design and Marketing Industry partners and scientific consultants: Severn Trent Water; Prof. David Hannah (University of Birmingham/UNESCO), Dr Anne Van Loon (University of Birmingham); Glenn Watts (The Environment Agency); EcoBirmingham Music created by the company; additional composition by Jack Ledger-Dowse Deaf Audiences Consultant: Caroline Parker MBE Visual Vernacular/Deaf Accessibility Consultant: Brian Duffy Relaxed Performance Consultant: Richard Hayhow, Open Theatre Company Research and development performer: Lotte Tickner

Severn Trent Water have made this book possible. They think water is wonderful! Water is all around us. We can enjoy it as a healthy drink, use it to clean ourselves and the things we need, cook with it - and swim in it! Water is also about the climate and weather, rivers and oceans. Gulp! is the story of how Maya travels from place to place, finding out about water. When she gets home, she decides to do something about how water isn’t always appreciated, treated well, or even easily available for everyone in the world. Severn Trent Water want water to be there when we need it. It is a precious resource. In the future, as our population continues to grow, we’ll need much more of it. When you’ve finished the story, try some of the activities at the end of the book. By understanding water and taking care of it, we can make sure that everyone can experience the wonder of water.

We hope you enjoyed following Maya’s adventure! Have a look at our website, which is full of resources and things you can do to help: Follow the links to the ‘Activities for Families’ for things to do at home! For teachers and schools, please follow the link to the education pack, specially produced by Severn Trent Water. This is a great resource for Key Stage 2, and is designed to provide: Background information on Gulp! Further resources to support the curriculum, created by an experienced teacher Lots of activities to do at school and home, each linked to the curriculum Accompanying PowerPoint presentations have been produced to download and use in class Get in touch with Adam on and let us know how you got on! The Bone Ensemble


Maya LOVES water! Swimming in the sea, splashing in her paddling pool. But one summer’s day, she gets sucked up the tap and along the water pipes! Arriving in a strange new land, Maya goes on an exciting journey, discovering oceans and battling unexpected villains! Gulp! is a moving, magical story dripping with fun and unexpected twists and turns. A story about how to care for the world and its precious resources in an age of plastic and climate change. The Bone Ensemble